Songs With Heart In The Title

Although it is known that countless songs have been released including the concept of heart, some of them managed to stay in our minds forever. From Elvis’s classics to Nirvana, we will explore the songs with heart in the title .

Bonnie Tyler – Total Eclipse of the Heart

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When we think about songs with heart in the title , it wouldn’t be remembered as this Bonnie Tyler classic. Total Eclipse of the Heart is one of the must be added on your playlists. In your sad or romantic mood, you can listen to this song in loop. Romantic vibes of the song will affect your heart itself.

Elvis Presley – Heartbreak Hotel

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Elvis is accepted as a king of music history around the world. He has a unique style and different features for the music industry. His songs still lead today’s music flows. However, we couldn’t see an artist like him anymore. Heartbreak Hotel is the oldest track among songs with heart in the title . So, many music authorities may call this song a classic.

Toni Braxton – Un-break My Heart

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While we explore songs with heart in the title , this track cannot be forgotten. Un-break My Heart is one of the hits of Toni Braxton. Its lyrics are literally brilliant. If you find yourself in a romantic mood, you should not skip it.

Blondie – Heart of Glass

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Blondie released this song with many successful lyrics like a poem. In addition to its great musical background, lyrics of the song, written by Debbie Harry, are still amazing now. If you desire to listen to a fascinating woman vocal, Blondie is a good choice all the time. It can be said that Blondie is one of the rare bands with female vocals. Heart of Glass must be counted in songs with heart in the title .

Nirvana – Heart Shaped Box

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Here is one of the biggest rock bands of all the time. Nirvana was founded by Kurt Cobain and his friends. They bring a new vision for traditional music. Heart Shaped Box still is listened to by many. Nirvana is a band that cannot be unforgettable in this list. Among songs with heart in the title , this track definitely has more rock’n roll vibes.

Heart – What About Love

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According to many, the 80’s is the best period of the history of music. It can be said that Heart is the one of the reasons for this argument. Their song What About Love took top places in the lists and radios of the period. Both of their name and song’s lyrics, this track must be mentioned in songs with heart in the title .

The Weeknd – Heartless

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Successful musician The Weeknd also released a song which can be counted among songs about heart . Heartless was found as a fascinating track by his fans which are around millions. It wouldn’t be remembered among songs with heart in the title with such a name.

Eagles – Heartache Tonight

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Eagles is one of the most popular rock bands of all time. One of their amazing hits is Heartache Tonight. When we examine the lyrics, we can realize that although it has a rock’n roll vibe, it is also a romantic ballad. Heartache Tonight should be listed in the songs with heart in the title .

Neil Young – Heart of Gold

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Legendary artist Neil Young should also be mentioned in our list of  songs with heart in the title . Heart of Gold with many streams is a classic song forever. This piece of artwork is known around the world, not only in America.

Celine Dion – My Heart Will Go On

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Canadian singer Celine Dion has many hits in her successful music career. My Heart Will Go On is one of the major reasons for this great musical journey. It is not even just for when considering songs with heart in the title , it can be listened to all the time.

The All-American Rejects – My Paper Heart

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Another example of songs with heart in the title came from The All-American Rejects . “My Paper Heart” is a track by The All-American Rejects from their self-titled debut studio album released in 2002. The song delves into themes of vulnerability and the fear of emotional pain in relationships.

With its catchy melody and raw lyrics, “My Paper Heart” showcases the band’s pop-punk sound, resonating with listeners through its relatable depiction of the fragility of the heart and the apprehensions in opening up emotionally.

Huey Lewis and The News – Heart and Soul

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“Heart and Soul” is a song by Huey Lewis and The News, featured on their album “Sports,” released in 1983. The song is known for its upbeat and catchy rhythm, embodying the band’s signature rock sound. “Heart and Soul” reflects on the yearning for a romantic relationship and the longing to connect with someone on a deeper emotional level. With its infectious hooks and lively energy, the song became a chart-topping hit, showcasing Huey Lewis and The News’ blend of rock and pop sensibilities that defined much of their ’80s success.

You can remember this song with following lyrics:
“Two o’clock this morning
If she should come a-calling”

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