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Do you feel like listening to some of the Eagles love songs and getting lost in romantic feelings? For some amazing suggestions, you can check out this list of love songs by the Eagles. As one of the most well-known rock bands from the 70s, the Eagles has many awesome songs to listen to and some of these are about love and romance. Below you can find our list of the best ones among these songs…

Love Will Keep Us Alive

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If you are looking for a love song by the Eagles with a slow melody and smooth vocals, “Love Will Keep Us Alive” is for you! The song has a simple yet mesmerizing guitar tune in the back and meaningful lyrics that convey an optimistic outlook on love. The song is about a couple whose both members had felt alone before finding each other and finally managed to find refuge in their relationship.

Peaceful Easy Feeling

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Another song by the band with a slow melody. But this time, it is a rather cozy and relaxing song, instead of a highly passionate one. With its beautiful and simple melody, this song can be amazing for road trips with your significant other. While a lot of love songs are about intense feelings of romantic affection, “Peaceful Easy Feeling” focuses on being at ease in one’s relationship.

Best of My Love

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Even though love is a beautiful feeling, sometimes it can hurt so much because of the intense feelings associated with it. And without a doubt, the most painful part of a relationship must be its end. While sometimes couples find a way to keep going, sometimes it has to end in a sorrowful way. “Best of My Love” is one of the Eagles love songs that focuses on this part of a relationship and it discusses two lovers who had to end their relationship, despite their good intentions.

What Do I Do with My Heart

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Here’s another incredible song by the Eagles that talks about the ending of a relationship. This is a song about a relationship that is falling apart, creating intense feelings during the process. While the lyrics express an acceptance of the situation, the song also touches upon the feeling of uncertainty at the end of the relationship. For those who are going through a separation, this song can create strong feelings.

One of These Nights

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“One of These Nights” is a wonderful song by the Eagles that starts in an immersive way and keeps going with an enticing melody. With its provocative lyrics, it is surely amon the best the Eagles romantic songs to listen to. Well, if you’re saying “enough with breakups and pain, I want to feel the passion of love”, this the Eagles song is definitely for you.

Take It to the Limit

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While this song doesn’t really have the same kind of groovy and energetic tune that “One of These Nights” has, it is still one of the passionate the Eagles love songs to check out. It is about lovers who are madly in love and whose affection for each other keeps being reignited over and over again.

I Love to Watch a Woman Dance

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While the other songs we mentioned on our list were mostly about mutual feelings of love, or breakups, this one begins by discussing a type of one-sided feeling of attraction. Then afterwards, this attraction is reciprocated, only to end in an abrupt manner and cause feelings of confusion in the end. So it can be a fitting song to listen for those with a turbulent love life.

No More Cloudy Days

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Although this song has a somewhat upbeat melody, it begins by discussing the negative feelings of loneliness. But following this, the song takes a different turn and talks about a wonderful couple who no longer have these feelings, thanks to their mutual affection for each other. With its melody and its lyrics, “No More Cloudy Days” is definitely one of the best Eagles wedding songs to choose.

Take It Easy

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Another amazing song by the band that is very suitable for road trips, “Take It Easy” has an energetic and upbeat melody. It is a song about a man with a complicated love life who tries to find a relationship that will fulfill him. However, despite his efforts, he can’t seem to find a partner suitable for him.

Try and Love Again

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Love is a complicated feeling, and “Try and Love Again” perfectly captures this feeling with the interesting perspective that it provides. It is about a heartbroken man who decides to love again. With its meaningful lyrics, it is one of the Eagles love songs that has a beautiful yet sorrowful outlook on romance.

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