Kodak Black Love Songs

Kodak Black love songs often convey a mix of passion and vulnerability, making them deeply relatable to listeners. Kodak Black, the American rapper and songwriter, has made a significant impact on the music industry with his unique style and lyrical prowess. Today, we will explore these tracks.

Throughout his career, he has produced an impressive catalog of songs that reflect his life experiences, struggles, and triumphs. In this article, we’ll delve into some of Kodak Black’s standout tracks, each showcasing a different facet of his artistry.

From heartfelt ballads to smooth R&B-infused tracks, here are some popular Kodak Black love songs that showcase his versatility as an artist:

Tunnel Vision

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Kodak Black’s Tunnel Vision, featured in the 2017 album Painting Pictures, is a powerful track that resonated with listeners.This song by the famous musician is one of the first to come to mind when thinking of Kodak Black love songs .

This song called Tunnel Vision addresses his experiences with the legal system and the hurdles he faced on his path to success. The song’s lyrical depth and its commercial success on the Billboard Hot 100 made it a milestone in Kodak’s career.

Whether it’s an ode to a past love or a celebration of new romance, Tunnel Vision among one of the best Kodak Black love songs resonate with those who have experienced the ups and downs of love.

Zeze (featuring Travis Scott and Offset)

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A collaboration with Travis Scott and Offset, Zeze is a 2018 single that captures the essence of luxury living, wealth, and ambition. This song should definitely be on our list of Kodak Black love songs .

This song also reflects Kodak Black’s determination to overcome obstacles, all set to a fast-paced rhythm. Zeze soared to the top of the Billboard Hot 100, solidifying its place as a chart-topping hit.

Roll in Peace (featuring XXXTentacion)

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Found in the Project Baby 2 album released in 2017, Roll in Peace is a poignant collaboration with XXXTentacion. This song is a very good example of Kodak Black love songs . The song dives into Kodak Black’s early struggles, his experience with incarceration, and his personal transformation. It achieved high chart rankings and became a platform for the artists to convey their message.

No Flockin

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Kodak Black’s No Flockin is a track from his 2015 project Institution. It serves as a reflection of his youth, street life, and aspirations. This song is a very good example of Kodak Black love songs . This song played a pivotal role in introducing Kodak Black’s distinctive style to a wider audience, marking a significant milestone in his burgeoning career.

Pimpin Ain’t Eazy

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Released as part of the Dying to Live album in 2018, Pimpin Ain’t Eazy touches upon the fast-paced lifestyle, fame, and the trials of achieving success. Kodak Black’s personal experiences inspired this song, which gained attention as a notable track on the Dying to Live album.

Codeine Dreaming (featuring Lil Wayne)

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From the Project Baby 2 album in 2017, Codeine Dreaming is a reflective track that delves into themes of substance abuse and the challenges of maintaining a balance between personal life and the demands of the music industry.

The collaboration with Lil Wayne adds depth to the song’s narrative, making it a standout piece on the album.


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Transportin’ is a track from the 2017 album Project Baby 2 that encapsulates Kodak Black’s journey through life. It is emblematic of his transformation and growing success.

This song should be remembered among the Kodak Black love songs with both its lyrics and its clip. Transportin’ is characterized by its infectious beat and lyrics that reflect Kodak Black’s journey from his past to his present.


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Featured in the 2018 Heart Break Kodak album, Testimony is an introspective and heartfelt song that explores Kodak Black’s personal struggles, including his experiences with incarceration and his faith. This track is a powerful glimpse into the artist’s journey and the challenges he’s overcome.

There He Go

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Released as a single in 2016, There He Go is a representation of Kodak Black’s street persona and his bold style. There He Go should also be counted as a great example of Kodak Black love songs . The song features catchy hooks and a confident delivery, serving as a reminder of Kodak’s roots and his ability to captivate audiences with his music.

Calling My Spirit

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A part of the 2018 Dying to Live album, Calling My Spirit is a track that conveys a sense of self-reflection and a desire for personal growth. You can also notice that this track has a unique air that differs from others.

It encapsulates Kodak Black’s journey through the music industry and life’s challenges while striving for a better future. This song should definitely be counted among the Kodak Black love songs.

ZEZE (feat. Travis Scott & Offset)

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“ZEZE” is another successful track by Kodak Black, featuring Travis Scott and Offset. Released in 2018, the song incorporates a catchy melody with a bouncy rhythm, creating an upbeat and infectious vibe. Kodak’s collaboration with Travis Scott and Offset resulted in a hit track that received widespread acclaim, showcasing his ability to blend his rap style with diverse musical elements.

Patty Cake

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“Patty Cake” is a catchy and energetic track from Kodak Black’s mixtape “Project Baby 2” (2017). The song showcases Kodak’s charismatic delivery and lyrical agility over an infectious beat. With its upbeat tempo and lively vibe, “Patty Cake” became a fan-favorite, displaying Kodak’s dynamic flow and confident presence.

Gnarly” (feat. Lil Pump)

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Another example of Kodak Black love songs came here. “Gnarly” is a collaborative track between Kodak Black and Lil Pump, featured on Kodak’s album “Dying to Live” (2018). The song boasts an infectious hook and energetic verses from both artists, blending their distinct styles. With its catchy beat and boastful lyrics, “Gnarly” became a standout track on the album, showcasing the synergy between Kodak Black and Lil Pump.

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