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American artist Dolly Parton is one of the best-known female musicians of today and in the history of music. She gained the admiration of the whole world with the records she released in the 70s. She has produced countless songs in various genres from country to pop. The artist, who has won the Grammy award more than once, has also achieved commercial success with these songs. She has also worked in various motion pictures both with her music and sometimes by playing a role in them. In addition to her music career, she has also become an icon with her philanthropic endeavors.

She has managed countless social charity activities. Jolene has gained permanence in music history with love-themed hits such as I Will Always Love You. Here are the most popular Dolly Parton love songs with examples from various years:


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Jolene is one of the most popular songs in music history, rediscovered by every new generation. It is one of the most listened to Dolly Parton love songs and is on the playlists of people all over the world. It was released in 1974 with the album of the same name. This song with emotional lyrics is considered a country music classic. The milestone in Dolly Parton’s music career is the release of this song. With this record, her songs started to be broadcast on radios. When the lyrics of the song are reviewed, it is seen that Jolene is a very beautiful woman and her story is narrated in Jolene.

Islands In the Stream

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In 1983, Dolly Parton made a collaborative work with the famous artist Kenny Rogers. They released the song Islands In the Stream as a duet. This song became both a pop and a country classic. Islands In the Stream, one of the most popular Dolly Parton love songs, is literally a love ballad. In the melody and lyrics of the song, romance is intensely felt. It is a song where both Parton and Rogers’ vocal talents are apparent. You should add this unique song to your playlist.

Rockin’ Years

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In 1991, one of the most popular songs from the album Eagle When She Flies was Rockin’ Years. In this song, Parton talks about the good memories of an old relationship. In the song where the feeling of nostalgia is felt intensely, she called her happy years as “rocky years”. This emotional song is among the unforgettable Dolly Parton love songs.

Here You Come Again

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Released in 1977, Here You Come Again, the song of the same name from the album Here You Come Again is widely listened to. This song is an example of the country-pop genre and unlike other Parton songs, it has a high-energy sound. When we look at the lyrics of the song, we feel the themes of love and independence that reflect the spirit of the period well. It is a classic that should be on your playlist with its melody that you will love the first time and Parton’s clear vocals. This song is one of the earliest Dolly Parton love songs.


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Dolly Parton’s most memorable album is Dolly, Dolly, Dolly, Dolly, released in 1980. The haunting song Romeo from this album is one of the first Dolly Parton love songs to come to mind. The dose of romance is as high as in Dolly Parton’s other albums. While listening to this song, which has poetic expressions and literary references in its lyrics, its melody will also make you chill out.

I Will Always Love You

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Released in 1974, the song I Will Always Love You, although known for Whitney Houston’s version, actually belongs to Dolly Parton. Parton’s original version of this emotional song is quite impressive. Parton’s vocals are admirable in the song that focuses on the themes of love and break-up. It is among the unforgettable Dolly Parton romantic songs.

You Are

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You Are, one of the most beloved songs from the Rainbow album, is also one of the most iconic songs in Dolly Parton’s music career. In this song, Parton proved both her musical style and her songwriting skills. You Are is a classic that should definitely be kept in mind among Dolly Parton love songs, which is listened to on digital music platforms today. Especially in the 90s, Dolly Parton would often perform this song in her live concert shows.

From Here to the Moon and Back

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The soundtrack album of the popular motion picture Joyful Noise featured veteran artist Dolly Parton. She contributed to the atmosphere of the movie with her song From Here to the Moon and Back. This song, which people have added to their playlists following this movie, has an emotional atmosphere. It is one of the popular Dolly Parton love songs. You can listen to it on melancholic evenings when you remember an old relationship.

The Day I Fell In Love

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It was released in 1983, The Day I Fell In Love is one of the oldest Dolly Parton love songs. Although the song has been listened to less than other Dolly Parton songs, it can be said that it is not inferior to them with both its lyrics and melody. It is impossible not to admire Dolly Parton’s clear vocal talent while listening to this unique song.

9 To 5

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The next track on our playlist of Dolly Parton love songs is 9 to 5. Released in 1980, “9 to 5” is a lively and empowering anthem written and performed by Dolly Parton. The song served as the theme for the comedy film of the same name, in which Dolly Parton also starred. The lyrics capture the challenges of the daily work grind and the desire for a more fulfilling life.

The catchy chorus and upbeat tempo made it a chart-topping hit, and the song remains one of Dolly Parton’s most recognizable and beloved tracks.

Islands in the Stream (with Kenny Rogers)

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We continue our journey with a great duet song. Islands in the Stream is a classic duet performed by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers. Released in 1983, the song was written by the Bee Gees (Barry, Robin, and Maurice Gibb). It’s a romantic ballad that became a massive crossover success, reaching the top of the charts in multiple genres, including country and pop.

The song’s smooth melody and the chemistry between Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers contributed to its enduring popularity, making it one of the most celebrated duets in music history.

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