Songs With Blue In The Title

The common thread of “Blue” ties together a tapestry of musical storytelling, allowing artists to convey themes of love, loss, and self-discovery. This compilation showcases the versatility of musicians who use the color “Blue” as a powerful and evocative element in their lyrical and melodic expressions.

Here are the most iconic blue songs .

Madonna – True Blue

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When we announce songs about blue in the title, this classic song should be on the top. Released in 1986 as the title track of Madonna’s third studio album, “True Blue” is a pop classic that showcases the singer’s versatility. The song is a declaration of love and loyalty, with Madonna expressing unwavering commitment to her partner.

Its upbeat and catchy melody, along with Madonna’s confident vocals, contributed to the song’s commercial success. “True Blue” remains an iconic representation of Madonna’s ’80s pop era.

George Harrison – Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea

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George Harrison’s rendition of “Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea” appears on his posthumous album “Brainwashed,” released in 2002. Originally a jazz standard from the 1930s, Harrison’s version infuses his signature guitar style and vocals, giving the classic a fresh perspective.

The song’s lyrics convey the challenges and uncertainties of life, using the metaphor of being caught “between the devil and the deep blue sea” to express a sense of dilemma and struggle.

Lana Del Rey – Blue Jeans

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When we consider songs with blue in the title, this track should be listed. “Blue Jeans” is a track from Lana Del Rey’s debut studio album, “Born to Die,” released in 2012. The song is characterized by its cinematic and nostalgic sound, blending Del Rey’s smoky vocals with a lush orchestral arrangement. “Blue Jeans” explores themes of love, heartbreak, and nostalgia, with Del Rey’s lyrics creating a vivid and emotional narrative.

The song’s atmospheric production and Del Rey’s captivating delivery contribute to its haunting and dreamy quality.

Arcade Fire – Electric Blue

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Featured on Arcade Fire’s 2017 album “Everything Now,” “Electric Blue” is a synth-pop track that stands out for its electronic elements and vibrant energy. The song is driven by Régine Chassagne’s vocals, and its lyrics convey a sense of yearning and desire.

The pulsating rhythm and the interplay of electronic and traditional instruments create a dynamic and danceable atmosphere. “Electric Blue” showcases Arcade Fire’s willingness to experiment with different musical styles while maintaining their distinctive sound.

Amos Lee – Clear Blue Eyes

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“Clear Blue Eyes” is a soulful and introspective track by Amos Lee, featured on his self-titled debut album released in 2005. The song captures Lee’s acoustic and folk influences, with his warm and emotive vocals taking center stage. “Clear Blue Eyes” reflects on themes of love, vulnerability, and the impact of meaningful connections.

The stripped-down arrangement allows the sincerity of Lee’s lyrics and performance to shine, making it a poignant and memorable piece in his discography.

Nat King Cole – My Blue Heaven

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Among songs with blue in the lyrics, this classical song should be remembered. “My Blue Heaven” is a classic standard performed by Nat King Cole, originally written in 1927. Cole’s rendition, released in 1957, showcases his smooth and velvety vocals, bringing a timeless charm to the song. The lyrics celebrate the joy and contentment found in a romantic relationship, portraying a sense of bliss that is reminiscent of a heavenly experience.

“My Blue Heaven” is a testament to Nat King Cole’s ability to interpret and elevate jazz and pop standards.

The Marcels – Blue Moon

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The Marcels’ doo-wop rendition of “Blue Moon” became a chart-topping hit in 1961. Originally written in 1934, the song has been covered by numerous artists, but The Marcels’ version stands out for its energetic and playful interpretation. The harmonized vocals and upbeat tempo give the classic a fresh and vibrant feel. ”

Blue Moon” by The Marcels remains a quintessential example of the doo-wop genre and is celebrated for its infectious energy.

Bob Dylan – Tangled Up In Blue

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Here is another great example of songs with blue in the title.  “Tangled Up In Blue” is a poetic and introspective song by Bob Dylan, released on his 1975 album “Blood on the Tracks.” The lyrics tell a complex narrative of love, relationships, and personal journey. Dylan’s storytelling prowess shines through as he weaves a tale of introspection and self-discovery.

The song’s title and recurring theme of the color blue evoke a sense of melancholy and reflection, making it one of Dylan’s most revered compositions.

Crosby, Stills, And Nash – Suite: Judy Blue Eyes

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“Suite: Judy Blue Eyes” is a landmark song by Crosby, Stills & Nash, released in 1969 on their debut self-titled album. Composed by Stephen Stills, the song is a multi-part suite that serves as a celebration of his relationship with singer Judy Collins.

The intricate vocal harmonies, acoustic guitar work, and the emotional depth of the lyrics make “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes” a classic representation of the folk-rock genre and a signature piece for the supergroup.

Jamiroquai – Blue Skies

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The last example of songs with blue in the title came from Jamiroquai. “Blue Skies” is a funky and soulful track by Jamiroquai, featured on their 2010 album “Rock Dust Light Star.” The song combines Jamiroquai’s trademark blend of funk, acid jazz, and soul with frontman Jay Kay’s distinctive vocals. “Blue Skies” radiates positivity and optimism, with lyrics that express a desire to escape and find solace under clear, blue skies.

The upbeat instrumentation and infectious groove make it a standout in Jamiroquai’s catalog.

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