Songs With Yellow In The Title

Songs with yellow in the title form a vibrant spectrum of musical expressions, invoking themes that range from joy and positivity to melancholy and introspection. The color yellow, often associated with sunshine, warmth, and optimism, serves as a symbolic backdrop for this diverse collection.

Artists utilize the word “Yellow” to paint sonic landscapes that span various genres, from pop and rock to indie and folk. Let’s start to explore the best yellow songs .

Coldplay – Yellow

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The first track of our list of songs with yellow in the title  came from Coldplay. Released as the second single from their debut album “Parachutes” in 2000, “Yellow” marked Coldplay’s breakthrough moment. The song’s theme revolves around the powerful emotions associated with love, expressing a sense of longing and admiration.

Chris Martin’s evocative lyrics, such as “Look at the stars, look how they shine for you,” coupled with the band’s melodic sound, contributed to the song’s timeless appeal. “Yellow” remains an iconic track in Coldplay’s repertoire, capturing the essence of heartfelt emotion and vulnerability.

Donovan – Mellow Yellow

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Donovan’s psychedelic anthem “Mellow Yellow” was released in 1966 as the title track of his album. The song became a symbol of the flower power era, encapsulating the carefree and optimistic spirit of the 1960s. With its catchy chorus and whimsical lyrics, “Mellow Yellow” celebrates peace, love, and the vibrant energy of the counterculture movement.

Donovan’s playful exploration of color and imagery in the song continues to evoke a sense of nostalgia for the era’s cultural revolution.

Elton John – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

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Here is another great example of songs with yellow in the title. Title track of Elton John’s 1973 double album, “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road,” this song reflects the artist’s contemplation on fame, success, and the desire for a simpler life. With Bernie Taupin’s poignant lyrics, the song explores the challenges and disillusionment that can accompany a life in the spotlight.

The metaphor of the yellow brick road, made famous by “The Wizard of Oz,” symbolizes the pursuit of dreams and the realization that sometimes, the path to happiness may lie in returning to one’s roots.

The Beatles – Yellow Submarine

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It should be announced among songs about yellow. Featured on The Beatles’ 1966 album “Revolver,” “Yellow Submarine” is a whimsical and imaginative song that invites listeners into a fantastical underwater world. Written by Paul McCartney and sung by Ringo Starr, the track combines catchy melodies with playful lyrics, creating a sense of childlike wonder.

The song served as the title track for the animated film and soundtrack album “Yellow Submarine,” which further enhanced its status as a beloved and iconic Beatles composition.

Joni Mitchell – Big Yellow Taxi

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Joni Mitchell’s 1970 song “Big Yellow Taxi” appears on her album “Ladies of the Canyon.” The song’s lyrics convey a powerful environmental and societal message, addressing issues of urbanization and environmental degradation.

Mitchell famously sings, “They paved paradise and put up a parking lot,” highlighting the impact of human development on the natural world. The catchy folk-rock tune, adorned with Mitchell’s distinctive vocals, has become an enduring anthem for environmental consciousness and social change.

Pearl Jam – Yellow Ledbetter

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“Yellow Ledbetter” by Pearl Jam is an emotional and introspective song, released as a B-side to the single “Jeremy” in 1992. The track is known for its evocative guitar riffs and Eddie Vedder’s distinctive, emotive vocals. The lyrics are somewhat cryptic, with Vedder’s signature mumbled delivery adding to the mystique.

The song’s melancholic tone and heartfelt instrumentation contribute to its status as a fan favorite, even though its meaning remains open to interpretation.

Tony Orlando and Dawn – Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Ole Oak Tree

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Released in 1973, “Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Ole Oak Tree” by Tony Orlando and Dawn became a chart-topping hit. The song tells the story of a man returning home from prison and anxiously wondering if his love would welcome him back.

The yellow ribbon serves as a symbolic gesture of hope and forgiveness. The song’s catchy melody and sentimental lyrics struck a chord with audiences, turning it into an enduring classic that resonates with themes of redemption and second chances.

The Neville Brothers – Yellow Moon

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The Neville Brothers’ 1989 album “Yellow Moon” features the title track, “Yellow Moon.” The song blends New Orleans R&B, funk, and world music influences, creating a unique and soulful sound. With Aaron Neville’s distinctive falsetto vocals, “Yellow Moon” explores themes of love and mysticism.

The hauntingly beautiful melody, combined with the band’s musical versatility, showcases the Neville Brothers’ ability to craft a captivating and atmospheric musical experience.

Devendra Banhart – Little Yellow Spider

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From Devendra Banhart’s 2004 album “Rejoicing in the Hands,” “Little Yellow Spider” is a whimsical and folk-infused track. Banhart’s poetic lyrics, delivered in his distinctive, unorthodox style, tell a tale of nature and love. The song’s acoustic simplicity and Banhart’s playful storytelling create a charming and enchanting atmosphere.

“Little Yellow Spider” showcases Banhart’s ability to weave intricate narratives through his music, inviting listeners into a world of imagination and introspection.

Pharrell Williams – Yellow Light

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Here is the last track that can be listed among songs with yellow in the lyrics. Featured in the soundtrack of the animated film “Despicable Me 3,” Pharrell Williams’ “Yellow Light” is an upbeat and infectious pop song released in 2017. The lyrics convey a message of optimism and overcoming challenges, encouraging listeners to keep moving forward despite obstacles.

The song’s lively production and Pharrell’s energetic vocals contribute to its feel-good vibe. “Yellow Light” reflects Pharrell’s signature style of crafting catchy tunes with positive messages, making it a standout track in the film’s soundtrack.

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