Songs About Security

Many songs from different genres and years can contain the concept of security. Some of them approach the concept of security in a provocative and ironic way, while others are more superficial. Here are some of the most popular songs about security:

Otis Redding – Security

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Otis Redding, the popular soul and jazz singer of the 60s, is still listened to by many people today. His 1964 song Security is considered one of the classics among songs about security. Thanks to the successful examples of the use of saxophone and keyboard, this song was played in all the clubs of the period and it was known that people danced throughout this song. The black singer used an ironic and humorous language in the energetic song that started with the lyrics “I want security.”

Skepta – No Security

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Skepta, who has released successful rap songs with the Boy Better Know group, which he and his brother are members of, is one of the popular artists of the hiphop world. Originally from Nigeria, Skepta is very successful in his lyrics. No Security is one of the songs about security with the most provocative and harsh lyrics. A vocal technique that is sung one by one over a carefully created beat is used. Unlike other rap songs, all lyrics are clear in No Security. No Security, the popular song of the controversial rapper, is the kind of song that will make you want to listen to it over and over again.

Etta James – Security

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Etta James was very popular in the 50’s and 60’s, offering the most successful examples of the blues and R&B genre. Today, many of her songs, such as Security, are still listened to by her fans. Etta James, who has a very unique vocal talent, shouts “Security!” in the chorus of her song Security. Released in 1968, this song has taken its place in many playlists even today. It is impossible not to count the song Security by a real master like Etta James among the songs about security.

Amyl and The Sniffers – Security

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Amyl and The Sniffers, a relatively new rock band, released the album of the same name. Consisting of female vocals and musicians, the band has received a lot of acclaim. Their song Security with plenty of guitars and harsh vocals is one of the new songs about security. Released in 2021, the song Security has the textures of 80s rock songs. The song starts with the lyrics “Security, will you let me in your pub?” and continues its unique energy until the end.

Julianno Sosa – Security

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The young rapper of Chilean origin is one of the representatives of upbeat songs. Julianno Sosa, who usually creates his songs in Spanish, carries the influences of the South American region in his songs. His song Security has an original lyric arrangement. It is one of the songs about security with the most original style. The young singer has composed this song in such a way that it will become a hit. Although it is called Security, the lyrics of the song are completely in Spanish except for the chorus. Though it is an example of the  culture product from Chile, it is loved all over the world nowadays.

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