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If you are madly in love, looking for love or missing an ex, there may be many Coldplay love songs that can resonate with you. Coldplay is a popular band from England that makes songs which mainly belong in the alternative rock genre. One of the most prominent features of the band’s songs is that they can feel very intense. With this quality, the band has made songs about very deep subjects, one of them being love. Now let’s start talking about some of the best Coldplay songs with this complicated theme.

Green Eyes

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If you love someone with green eyes, well, this song can be quite fitting. However, even if your partner or crush doesn’t have this particular eye color, “Green Eyes” can still be a nice love song. Because the song has very meaningful lyrics about love. It mainly explores the side of love that makes a person feel safe and less burdened by the difficulties of life.

Us Against the World

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World can be a tough place to live in, but love can definitely offer some relief from the hardships of life. When you are deeply and madly in love, and life slaps you with its troubles, “Us Against the World” can be the track to listen to. It is one of the top Coldplay love songs and it can absolutely be worth checking out.

True Love

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While it feels amazing to love someone, not feeling loved in return can be devastating. Love should be reciprocal, otherwise it can be awfully painful. Basically, this song deals with this pain and how crazy someone can be in such a situation. Even though its title is “True Love”, the story that the song deals with is far from it. Its lyrics discuss a person who is comfortable with the thought of being lied to about being loved, in case the truth is upsetting.

A Message

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Love can be a painful and difficult experience at times. Due to the emotional risks involved, you can find yourself afraid to love. Over time, being loveless can make a person become cold and detached. This beautiful track among the top Coldplay love songs explores this topic. It is a hopeful and comforting song that conveys “A Message” that can be worth hearing.

Always in My Head

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Following a dreamy intro, “Always in My Head” immerses the listener with its calm and beautiful melody. As one of the best Coldplay romantic songs, the track has very simple yet meaningful lyrics. It is basically about always thinking about one’s love interest and not being able to stop doing this. If you are struggling to express your romantic feelings to your partner or crush, this song may help you with it.


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For those who want a love song by Coldplay with a slow tempo and an off-beat melody, “Sparks” can be worth checking out. While its melody can sound quite unconventional, it has rather simple and straightforward lyrics. The song explores many of the feelings that a lot of people experience when in love, like being protective or depending on one’s partner.

A Sky Full Of Stars

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Some of the love songs of Coldplay can feel cynical, moody and negative. But “A Sky Full Of Stars” definitely doesn’t have any of these qualities. In case you are looking for good Coldplay wedding songs, this upbeat and positive track can be a nice choice. This is a song with a bold message and a courageous outlook on love. When you feel ready to spend a lifetime with your partner, this song can be the one to express your feelings with.

Hymn For The Weekend

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One of the most popular Coldplay love songs, “Hymn For The Weekend” absolutely deserves its hype. It has a wonderful melody, amazing vocals and beautiful lyrics that make it an awesome love song all around. If you see your partner as an angel and you feel like your love has lifted your spirits, it can be a very meaningful song for you.

The Scientist

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When love between two partners is lost and a relationship is on the verge of collapsing, it can be tempting to want to go back to the start, even though such a thing is impossible. “The Scientist” is about feeling devastated about a failing relationship and wanting to go back to the beginning.

Strawberry Swing

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“Strawberry Swing” is another one of the top Coldplay love songs to listen to. It is a song about how love can make simple things so much better and without it, even the most beautiful things can feel meaningless. It is an upbeat song that is pleasant to listen to and its lyrics emphasize the importance of affection.

My Universe

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“My Universe” is a collaborative track by Coldplay and BTS, released in 2021. The song is an uplifting and anthemic pop collaboration that celebrates unity, love, and interconnectedness. It incorporates Coldplay’s signature melodic style with BTS’s dynamic energy, creating a fusion of English and Korean lyrics.

The track’s celestial sound and positive message evoke feelings of hope and togetherness, symbolizing the power of shared experiences and emotions that transcend boundaries.

Reign of Love

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“Reign of Love” is a serene and contemplative track from Coldplay’s album “Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends” (2008). The song’s ethereal sound and dreamlike ambiance capture a sense of introspection and longing. Its poetic lyrics explore themes of love, longing, and the passage of time, portraying a wistful and reflective mood.

“Reign of Love” stands out for its delicate melody and atmospheric quality that invites listeners into a reflective journey. When we consider Coldplay love songs, this track should be listed now.


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“Parachutes” is the title track from Coldplay’s debut album released in 2000. The song sets the tone for the album, showcasing Coldplay’s melodic and emotionally charged sound. The track’s mellow and soothing melody, combined with Chris Martin’s evocative vocals, creates an intimate and introspective atmosphere.

“Parachutes” serves as a reflection on vulnerability, seeking solace, and finding a sense of comfort in the midst of uncertainty, embodying the themes that resonate throughout the album.

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