Happy Birthday Songs For Adults

There are birthday songs not only for children but also for adults, published at different times and coming from different musical genres. Although some people do not prefer to spend their birthdays listening to music, for many, music lists are indispensable at birthday parties.

Here we have compiled the most popular happy birthday songs for adults from different times and music genres. Let’s discover the unique ones from our list together:

Drake – Ratchet Happy Birthday

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The song Ratchet Happy Birthday from the famous hip hop artist Drake’s 2018 album Scorpion is the first song on our list of happy birthday songs for adults. This song is great for celebrations, parties and birthday fun. And also don’t forget the check drake love songs list.

Taylor Swift – Never Grow Up

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American pop artist Taylor Swift ranks second on the list of happy birthday songs for adults. The song Never Grow Up was released in 2010. The song looks at birthdays from an emotional perspective. The successful singer beautifully reflected the problems such as the passing of years and aging.

New Kids On The Block – Happy Birthday To You

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One of the most lively and energetic songs on our list of happy birthday songs for adults  is New Kids On The Block’s song Happy Birthday To You. This piece is played at birthday parties organized by many groups of friends.

The song has a very happy and energy-boosting atmosphere for the birthday person. If you are having fun birthday parties with your friends, this song should definitely be on your playlist.

Madonna – B-Day Song

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We continue our list with B-day Song, a song by the popular artist Madonna, loved not only by the American music industry but also by the whole world. It is one of the most prominent songs of his album MDNA, released in 2012.

We must say that it is a song very suitable for party atmospheres or birthday celebrations. This track by Madonna is heard at many birthday parties and should also be remembered among happy birthday songs for adults.

The Tune Weavers – Happy, Happy Birthday Baby

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The Tune Weavers’ song Happy, Happy Birthday Baby is a perfect birthday song. The song, which has a very romantic atmosphere, will make birthdays even more fun.

It is one of the most popular songs not only for children but also for adults and should definitely be at the top of our list of happy birthday songs for adults.

50 Cent – In Da Club

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The popular song In The Club by 50 Cent, one of the most famous hip hop artists in the world, is at the top of our list of happy birthday songs for adults. The song is now played at almost every birthday party.

This song, which was published in 2003, continues to be listened to by millions of people through digital music platforms today. We must remember that the song was very popular with its music video, which used parties and nightlife as the theme.

Destiny’s Child – Birthday

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We continue with the R&B example of our list of happy birthday songs for adults. Destiny’s Child’s song Birthday was released in 2001. It is one of the most iconic songs from the album Survivor, released in 2001.

It is very suitable for both celebrations and special occasions. The song called Birthday, which will increase your energy and make you dance from time to time, should definitely be on our list of happy birthday songs for adults.

Migos – Birthday

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One of Migos’ popular songs is Birthday. Birthday is a tight rap song like other Migros songs. Although it is a rap song, when the verses of the song are listened to more carefully, it is immediately realized that this energetic song is actually a birthday theme. Migos’ Birthday song should also be included among happy birthday songs for adults.

Don McLean – Birthday Song

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Don McLean’s song Birthday Song is a very popular folk classic. It’s an emotional song that’s definitely on the playlists of birthday parties for mostly middle-aged people.

Don Mclean has perfectly reflected themes such as the rapid passing of years and the problem of people’s aging with the mastery inherent in the folk genre. It is a unique example from the folk genre of our list of happy birthday songs for adults.

Selena Gomez – Birthday

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Young and popular musician Selena Gomez is also at the top of our list of happy birthday songs for adults. He increases the energy of our list with his song Birthday, which he released in 2013. Nowadays, this song by Gomez is often played at birthday parties or other special occasions celebrated by young people.

St. Vincent – Happy Birthday, Johnny

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The song Happy Birthday, Johnny, published in 2017, should be at the top of our list of happy birthday songs for adults. This track contains emotional and romantic lyrics.

Although there is a St. George song that is also played at birthday parties. Even though it is a Vincent piece, it can be said that it is actually more suitable for romantic and emotional vibes.

Say Anything – Death For My Birthday

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Another song on our list of happy birthday songs for adults comes from Say Anything. His song Death For My Birthday is a strict rock song. Unlike the other songs on our list, this song deals with themes such as existential problems, birth and death.

Carly Simon – Happy Birthday

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We continue our list with Carly Simon’s song Happy Birthday. This song is suitable for a list of happy birthday songs for adults, thanks to its lyrics, energy, music and atmosphere. If you are bored with the familiar popular songs at birthday parties and are looking for something new, Jale Simon’s Happy song will be the right address for you.

Jimmy Buffet And Martina McBride – Trip Around The Sun

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It is impossible not to mention Jimmy Buffet and Martina McBride’s song Trip Around The Sun in the list of happy birthday songs for adults. While the song has a very fluid energy, it is also an interesting mix of Country and Pop. The song contains emotional lyrics about time passing quickly and the fine details of life’s journey.

Loretta Lynn – Happy Birthday

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Here we come, the last song on our list, Happy Birthday, is an example of the country genre in our list of happy birthday songs for adults.

Happy Birthday, which turns into an unforgettable song with Loretta Lynn’s impressive vocals, was produced to be played at emotional and romantic birthday parties.

The Beatles – Birthday

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Let’s remember this iconic band’s song about birthdays. “Birthday” by The Beatles is a celebratory track from their iconic double album “The Beatles” (also known as “The White Album”), released in 1968. The song is a joyous and energetic anthem designed for birthday celebrations. It embodies the band’s trademark sound, featuring upbeat rhythms, catchy guitar riffs, and vibrant harmonies.

The lyrics exude a festive spirit, expressing well wishes and excitement for the special day, making it a perennial favorite for birthday festivities.

Stevie Wonder – Happy Birthday

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If we consider happy birthday songs for adults, this track must be top on the playlist.Released in 1980 as part of Stevie Wonder’s album “Hotter than July,” “Happy Birthday” is more than just a song; it’s a powerful call for the recognition of Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday as a national holiday in the United States. It serves as a tribute to King’s legacy and aims to raise awareness about the importance of the Civil Rights Movement.

The track is an upbeat, soulful anthem advocating for equality and social justice, contributing significantly to the campaign that eventually led to the establishment of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Lesley Gore – It’s My Party

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It may be one of the oldest examples of happy birthday songs for adults. “It’s My Party” by Lesley Gore is a classic pop song released in 1963 as part of her debut album “I’ll Cry If I Want To.” The song narrates a teenage girl’s experience at her birthday party, where her boyfriend Johnny shows up with another girl. Gore’s emotive vocals capture the heartache and disappointment of being betrayed on her special day.

The track became an emblematic representation of teenage angst and heartbreak during the early ’60s, resonating with audiences through its relatable narrative.

Altered Images – Happy Birthday

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Let’s continue our playlist with Altered Images. Altered Images’ “Happy Birthday” is a lively new wave track from their 1981 album “Happy Birthday.” The song’s catchy melody, vibrant instrumentation, and playful vocals contribute to its infectious charm. While not specifically about birthdays, the track exudes a whimsical and celebratory vibe, expressing youthful exuberance and the excitement of special occasions.

Its upbeat tempo and catchy chorus have made it a popular choice for birthday celebrations and feel-good playlists.

Twista – Birthday

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It can be counted as a hip-hop example of happy birthday songs for adults. “Birthday” by Twista is a hip-hop track from his album “Kamikaze,” released in 2004. The song features upbeat rhythms and Twista’s signature rapid-fire delivery. In “Birthday,” Twista celebrates life and success, reflecting on personal achievements and enjoying the finer things in life.

The track’s lyrics express gratitude and revelry, emphasizing the importance of commemorating one’s milestones and living life to the fullest, making it a fitting anthem for celebratory occasions.

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