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Numbers are sometimes used in the lyrics of popular and beloved songs. As we get lost in the endless world of songs, there are some details that we notice: songs with numbers in the title, for example.  Some songs have the number “10” in the lyrics. Even in the names of some of them. Have you ever looked at songs with 10 in the title? Here are some popular songs with ten in the title or lyrics that you may not have realized before.

Afrojack – Ten Feet Tall

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Ten Feet Tall was produced in 2014 by Dutch music producer Afrojack.  In the lyrics, the artist poetically expresses that he is tall enough to touch the sky. It can be a good choice for a dance song.

Biggie Smalls – Ten Crack Commandments

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Ten Crack Commandments, a hard-hitting song released by the famous American rapper The Notorious B.I.G. in 1997, continued its story in the following years with the follow-up song Ten Wife Commandments. Beat of this rap song is very successful. That’s why it is still listened to by many people.

Led Zeppelin – Ten Years Gone

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Led Zeppelin, one of the most famous rock bands in the UK, released the hit song Ten Years Gone in 1975. It is definitely one of the first songs that comes to mind when it comes to “songs with 10 in the title“. Led Zeppelin has managed to become one of the most loved bands of all time. And also don’t forget the check led zeppelin love songs list.

The Black Keys – Ten Cent Pistol

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One of the most popular songs from the album Brothers by American rock duo The Black Keys is Ten Cent Pistol.

Adamn Killa – Ten ft. Yung Lean

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Adamn Killa, a young rapper in his twenties, is a very talented musician. The song Ten, which he released with Yung Lean, is a work of intense and carefully crafted words.

Mindy McCready – Ten Thousand Angels

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Ten Thousand Angels, released in 1996 by the beautiful female country musician Mindy McCready, was a hit with the masses.

Travis Tritt – Ten Feet Tall And Bulletproof

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Since 1994, the song Ten Feet Tall and Bulletproof has become one of the most beloved songs with 10 in the title. This upbeat song can get your day off to a good start.

Rick Ross Ft. Birdman – 10 Bricks

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Famous rappers have created 10 Bricks in this collaboration. A popular song produced by popular artists, 10 Bricks is one of the first things that come to mind when rap fans think of songs with 10 in the title.

Missy Higgins – Ten Days

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Indian artist Missy higgins’ song Ten Days, released in 2004, is both moving and emotional. This fun song, which also has traces of Indian culture, will make you dance right now!

Jewel – Ten

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The successful female musician Jewel released her song Ten in 2010. Ten, which has become one of the hit country songs, is one of the most popular songs with the 10 in the title.

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