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Various artists of different genres utilize the expression “one” in their songs, sometimes to express one moment, sometimes to express one way, sometimes to express one love. “one” appears in the title of some songs and in the lyrics of others. Here are songs with 1 in the title with popular examples from various genres. And also don’t forget the check songs with 2 list.

Britney Spears – “…Baby One More Time”

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At the end of the 90s, the popular pop singer Britney Spears released her hit song Baby One More Time. In the lyrics of this song, the female singer, who wants a romantic relationship that has ended to begin again, expresses this with the phrase One More Time. Although the song has romantic lyrics, it is a moving and popular pop song. Baby One More Time should be counted among the most well-known songs with 1 in the title.

Queen – “Another One Bites the Dust”

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One of the most iconic rock bands of all time, the British band Queen and their founding singer Freddie Mercury have always produced original songs. One of the most distinctive songs from their successful album The Game is Another One Bites the Dust. This iconic rock song is one of the most well-known songs with one in the title. The lyrics portray the story of a man with a reckless lifestyle. This song has broken new ground in music history with its musical fiction structure.

One Direction – “One Way Or Another”

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One of the most popular boy bands of recent times is One Direction. In 2013 they covered the popular classic song One Way or Another. With this version, this Blondie classic has become recognized by a very wide audience. The song has traces of pop and rock tones. Among the most popular songs with 1 in the title.

Daft Punk – “One More Time”

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Daft Punk is a music duo that gives the most successful examples of EDM and house genres. Their 2000 release One More Time should be considered among their songs with 1 in the title. With its rhythm and lyrics, the song has a rhythm that raises energy and makes you want to dance. Unfortunately, the beloved group has disbanded today and this project is not going on, even though they have millions of listened songs.

Metallica – “One”

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Metallica is one of the most popular metal bands of all time and their 1988 song One is among their greatest hits. One is among the most iconic songs from their popular album “And Justice for All”. With its music video and lyrics, it is a Metallica song that thousands of people have admired. When we listen more carefully to the song’s lyrics, it is understood that it is about a soldier who has lost his limbs and senses. This touching metal classic is definitely one of the most distinctive songs with 1 in the title.

The Wallflowers – “One Headlight”

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One of the rock bands of the 90s, The Wallflowers produce original rock songs. One of the most iconic songs from their album Bringing Down the Horse, One Headlight is still listened to today on platforms like Spotify. When we look at the lyrics of the song, it is seen that it focuses on the story of a person trying to deal with the pain of a breakup. One Headlight is a good example of romantic songs with 1 in the title.

Ed Sheeran – “One”

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Ed Sheeran, one of the most popular musicians of recent times, has become known all over the world with his hit song “Shape Of You”. The song “One” from his album X is also very beloved. Among the songs with 1 in the title, this romantic song by Ed Sheeran can also be remembered.

The Game – “100 ft. Drake”

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Songs with 1 in the title list should definitely include an example from the hip-hop genre. In the song “100” released in 2015, The Game and Drake collaborated and performed on the song. The popular rap song reached a wide audience with Drake’s huge popularity.

Beyoncé – “1+1”

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Beyoncé, one of the most famous pop singers of all time, released an album called “4” in 2011. The theme of love is intensely felt in this album. The song 1+1 is also one of the songs with 1 in the title that focuses on relationships.

Amerie – “1 Thing”

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Producing successful examples of R&B and funk genres, Amerie released the song “1 Thing” in 2005. The song has a very high energy thanks to the funky beats. It is one of the most genuine songs with 1 in the title.

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