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The famous singer John Denver, who was able to combine folk and pop genres very well, was very popular in the 70s. Denver, who made many albums and songs, managed to endear the folk-pop genre to everyone. John Denver, who is very successful with his emotional lyrics and fun music choices, also deals with the concept of love in his songs. Here are some favorite John Denver love songs:

Take Me Home, Country Roads

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In 1971 Denver released the album “Poems, Prayers & Promises”. This album contains many songs that can be considered iconic. One of them is the popular song Take Me Home, Country Roads. This classic work, in which we see the West Virginia region in the lyrics, is one of the most beloved John Denver love songs.

Rocky Mountain High

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Rocky Mountain High is one of John Denver’s most popular songs. It was released on the album of the same name in 1972. The Colorado Rockies are mentioned in this song with folk and country tones. On the other hand, thanks to its poetic lyrics, it can be counted among the beloved and classic John Denver romantic songs.

Annie’s Song

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Leaving On A Jet Plane

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In 1969, the successful artist released the album John Denver Sings, one of the first products of his career. Leaving On A Jet Plane is one of the most popular John Denver love songs. Moreover, the song has been considered a hit song since the day it was released. His records and albums are still listened to. On the other hand, it is one of the most searched songs on digital platforms.

Sunshine On My Shoulders

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Back Home Again

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The emotional song Back Home Again with such a poetic title is definitely one of the best John Denver love songs. The song is a successful folk-pop song that uses the theme of home and family. Released in 1974, Back Home Again also showcases John Denver’s superior talents. Just as in the name, poetic expressions are included in the lyrics in this song.

Perhaps Love

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For You

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When John Denver’s album Spirit was released in 1976, the song For You from this album was very popular. For You, a guitar composition, is among the popular John Denver love songs. Even the concert recordings of the successful artist are listened to by his fans today. The artist, who lost his life after a tragic plane crash, has a unique style in his works. For You is also  appreciated by his fans and music lovers.

Follow Me

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Don’t Close Your Eyes, Tonight

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“Don’t Close Your Eyes, Tonight” is quite different from Denver’s other songs with its vocal techniques and orchestral music. Released in 1975 on the album Windsong, this song is one of the most original John Denver love songs. In this song’s lyrics, we can see that his feelings for the woman he fell in love with are expressed very well. On top of that, thanks to the correct editing of the musical background, it becomes an unforgettable John Denver song.

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