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Ella Fitzgerald, a jazz maestro born in America in the 1910s, is considered one of the iconic musicians of the 20th century. Her song First Lady of Song became a jazz hit and is still listened to today and covered by different bands. What makes Ella Fitzgerald so successful and respected is her distinctive vocal skills. She was also interested in social matters throughout her successful music career. As an African American woman, she rebelled against the racist and patriarchal system in the music industry. This jazz legend, who has won the love of thousands of people, also has love-themed songs. Here are the favorite Ella Fitzgerald love songs with examples from different years:

Let’s Do It (Let’s Fall In Love)

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Ella Fitzgerald was at her most active in the 50s. The song Let’s Do It, which she released during this period, is still remembered even though 6 decades have passed since it was released. The vocal techniques she used in the song are immediately recognizable. With its octave range and unique timing, this song has become one of the most beloved Ella Fitzgerald love songs. For those who want to listen to a romantic jazz classic with a strong female vocal, Ella Fitzgerald is the right answer. She was appreciated by music authorities for her performance in this song.

The Nearness Of You

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In 1960, Ella Fitzgerald signaled that she would become an icon in the history of jazz music with the song The Nearness Of You. In this song, she expresses a powerful love story. This story deeply affects everyone who listens to it through Ella Fitzgerald’s vocals. As one of the romantic ballads that we don’t encounter very often in the jazz genre, it is one of the most Ella Fitzgerald romantic songs. If you want to grasp Ella Fitzgerald’s unique style, you should listen to The Nearness Of You immediately.

Cheek to Cheek

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Cheek to Cheek, performed with the famous singer of the time Fred Astaire, is one of the most high-energy Ella Fitzgerald love songs. While listening to the song, you may not be able to stop yourself from dancing with your partner. One of the features that make the song so special is the emotionality and naturalness in the way Ella Fitzgerald voices the song. It is a unique piece of art that is also influenced by the jazz music of the period.

Love Is Here To Stay

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With her 1959 album, Ella Fitzgerald started to transform jazz standards. Almost every club and record company in America started to line up to work together with her. Her song Love is Here To Stay narrates the tale of a love that will last forever. It is considered one of the most original Ella Fitzgerald love songs. While listening to Love Is Here To Stay, you can have deep thoughts about your past relationships.

In A Sentimental Mood

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Ella Fitzgerald released her song In A Sentimental Mood, composed by Duke Ellington, in 1957. One of the most romantic examples of the jazz genre, In A Sentimental Mood, as the title suggests, contains the emotions of a breakup theme. What makes it different from other romantic ballads is that it does not compromise on the features of the jazz genre and Ella Fitzgerald’s powerful vocals. This classic song should definitely be remembered among Ella Fitzgerald romantic songs. It is a song that should be on your playlist and may be a good opportunity for you to get introduced to jazz music.

The Man I Love

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Ella Fitzgerald was leading a productive musical career in the 50s, and The Man I Love, released during this period, is one of her songs with the most authentic lyrics. Ella Fitzgerald presents a love she has felt for a long time in the most sentimental and romantic way possible. The Man I Love is among the most beloved Ella Fitzgerald love songs as an iconic jazz classic of the 50s.

So In Love

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Ella Fitzgerald has countless jazz classics where orchestra and vocals are well combined. One of them is So In Love, released in 1956. We would not be wrong if we claim that it has the strongest female vocals you can hear. It is one of the earliest Ella Fitzgerald love songs. So In Love, the favorite background music of romantic dinners, has the most powerful female vocals you can ever listen to.

What Is This Thing Called Love?

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Although What Is This Thing Called Love? is one of the first Ella Fitzgerald love songs that comes to mind, it is actually a song produced by Cole Porter. In the song, the good and dark sides of love are expressed with Ella Fitzgerald’s high-energy vocals. Especially the rhythm of the song will catch you even on the first listen. It is a high energy song compared to other Ella Fitzgerald songs. However, the dose of sentimentality still is not low. This song, which is on Cole Porter’s album, is also very beloved with the Ella Fitzgerald original version.

Love for Sale

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Ella Fitzgerald carried out many musical projects with Cole Porter. The 1956 song Love for Sale also has brilliantly written lyrics. This song was actually composed by Cole Porter. However, when Ella Fitzgerald performed the song, she presented such a talent that this song has been associated with Ella Fitzgerald for years. It is among the most admired Ella Fitzgerald love songs.

It’s De-Lovely

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We encounter many Ella Fitzgerald songs in the album titled The Cole Porter Songbook. It is known that there are countless jazz classics composed by Cole Porter with vocals by Ella Fitzgerald. Released in 1956, It’s De-Lovely is among the haunting Ella Fitzgerald love songs. The song is distinctive with its toe-tapping rhythm and catchy melody.

Christmas Island

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Let’s explore another great example for Ella Fitzgerald love songs. Christmas Island is a holiday song written by Lyle Moraine. Ella Fitzgerald, known for her remarkable vocal talent and jazz interpretations, adds her own touch to this festive tune. The song conveys the joy and anticipation of spending Christmas on a tropical island, offering a unique twist on the traditional Christmas theme.

Ella Fitzgerald’s rendition captures the playful spirit of the song while showcasing her impeccable vocal stylings.

Frosty the Snowman

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We continue our list with a great track. Frosty the Snowman” is a popular Christmas song written by Walter “Jack” Rollins and Steve Nelson. While this song has been covered by various artists, including Ella Fitzgerald, it is often associated with animated holiday specials. Ella Fitzg erald’s version brings a jazzy flair to the classic tale of Frosty, the cheerful snowman who comes to life.

Her rendition infuses the song with a timeless charm, making it a delightful addition to festive playlists. Ella Fitzgerald’s interpretations of these Christmas classics showcase her versatility and ability to bring a distinctive touch to well-loved holiday songs.

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