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The veteran artist Ray Charles, born in America in the 30s, has become one of the most celebrated artists of all times. He has achieved many successes with his unique style in blues, soul and jazz genres. He became famous in a short time as one of the most original artists of the period with his distinctive vocals. He is the creator of many hit songs such as Hit the Road Jack. Live performances and albums are still being consumed by music lovers today. He has become a social figure thanks to his struggles against racism. He continued this activist attitude through his songs.

As one of the most beloved artists of all time, he has become an icon that everyone knows. Ray Charles, who reached the whole world with his music, also used the theme of love in many of his songs. Here are some Ray Charles love songs with the most loved examples:

Georgia on My Mind

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The iconic song Georgia on My Mind, widely known around the world, was released in 1960. Later, this song was featured again in The Genius Hits the Road album. It is one of the most listened to Ray Charles songs of all time. The word Georgia in the song comes from the state of Georgia. It is among the first Ray Charles love songs that come to mind.

I Can’t Stop Loving You

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I Can’t Stop Loving You, released in 1962, is one of the Ray Charles classics with the highest dose of romance. Inspired by soul and country music, the single is still listened to by millions of people today. I Can’t Stop Loving You is one of the most commercial successes among Ray Charles love songs.

(Night Time Is) The Right Time

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The Right Time, which originally belonged to Nappy Brown, became more popular with the Ray Charles version from 1959. It is especially remembered as a song in which Ray Charles’ vocal skills are revealed. One of the most popular songs of his musical career, The Right Time has become a classic among Ray Charles love songs.

Hallelujah I Love Her So

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Published in 1956, Hallelujah I Love Her So is one of the oldest Ray Charles love songs. Ray Charles’ high energy is felt in the lyrics and melody of the song. He produced this song early in his career and performed it many times over the years.

Drown in My Own Tears

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Lula Reed’s song Drown in My Own Tears was covered by Ray Charles in 1956. Hallelujah I Love Her So, which is on the album Hallelujah I Love Her So, also introduces us to Ray Charles’ piano talents. It is one of the first songs that come to mind when it comes to  Ray Charles love songs.

Ain’t That Love

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In the 50s, Ray Charles had some of the most beloved hits of his career. One of them is Ain’t That Love. It became one of the most popular Ray Charles love songs from the album named “Ray Charles”. As in other Ray Charles songs, the blues and gospel elements are intensely felt.

Stella by Starlight

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One of the most catchy songs from the soundtrack album of the movie “The Uninvited” is Stella by Starlight. Ray Charles covered this song on the album “The Genius of Ray”, which had a great impact on jazz and music history. Released in 1959, the piano recordings of this album also feature Charles. It will be a great background music for your romantic nights.

This Little Girl of Mine

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This Little Girl of Mine, one of the most energetic examples of the blues genre, should be counted among Ray Charles romantic songs. As a typical Ray Charles song with both lyrics and music, This Little Girl of Mine is still widely listened to today.

It Should’ve Been Me

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Although It Should’ve Been Me is associated with Ray Charles, it actually belongs to Memphis Curtis. Released in 1954, it is one of the most liked Ray Charles love songs. It is a song that should be on the playlists of especially blues lovers.

I Wonder Who’s Kissing Her Now

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One of the Ray Charles love songs with the most melancholic atmosphere is I Wonder Who’s Kissing Her Now. This song, in which Ray Charles’ vocal and piano skills are prominent, was released as a single in about 1955. This vintage song, in which you will feel the soul of the era intensely, is still listened to even after many years have passed.

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