Green Day Love Songs

Are you in the mood to listen to some amazing Green Day love songs? Then you may be interested in checking out the song suggestions that we have put together on this list. Known by many for their popular tracks such as Boulevard of Broken Dreams and Wake Me Up When September Ends, Green Day is an iconic band that’s been around for quite some time. As a punk rock band with some pop influence in their sound, they have a fairly unique style.

Oh Love

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Let’s start the list with one of the cheerful-sounding Green Day songs with an energetic vibe. While this song starts slow, it picks up the pace in no time and turns into a fun and jolly track. The lyrics of the song are basically about looking for love. On top of its energetic sound, the song has a nice guitar solo that pieces the track all together. All in all, it is a simple and enjoyable love song by the band.

Only of You

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After a fun and cheerful Green Day song, we have another energetic piece to talk about. But while this song is on the lively side, it has a heavier sound and more passionate lyrics compared to “Oh Love”. In the lyrics of “Only of You” are about falling deeply in love with someone in a bold and obsessive way, just after seeing them for the first time.


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With this entry on our list, we are slowing down a bit in terms of melody, but the lyrics of the song are getting more intense. This is one of the Green Day love songs with a sad theme. Because it is basically about a long-lost love interest whose name is even forgotten. Although the rest of the song has a soft and sluggish tempo, around the guitar solo it gets quite intense, which creates a wonderful contrast.

Don’t Leave Me

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Here’s another Green Day song about love that discusses a sad topic: a relationship that is on the brink of falling apart. In the lyrics of “Don’t Leave Me” a sorrowful theme is explored, but when it is combined with the fast-paced and zestful melody of the song, we hear an odd polarity, which is one of the interesting features of many of the love songs of the band that we discussed.

2000 Light Years Away

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When it comes to love songs, some bands and solo musicians seem to follow a consistent and somewhat narrow-minded approach and stick with a single outlook on affection. But with Green Day, we see songs that deal with this subject with varying points of view. “2000 Light Years Away” is about the band’s lead singer’s wife, who was his girlfriend at the time, and it is one of Green Day romantic songs that deal with a genuine romantic attraction.

Stay the Night

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Following a song by the band that deals with genuine love, let’s mix it up a bit and mention one of Green Day love songs that is about casual dating. Although the song is written with a non-serious outlook on love, it certainly has a softer side to it as it is also about not wanting to say goodbye.

When I Come Around

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When it comes to love, not everyone looks for something serious. While this may not be an issue on its own, it can cause a huge heartbreak when one of the partners is actually wanting to settle down. “When I Come Around” is about such a couple made up of two parties who want a different thing.

Last Night on Earth

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Wanting different things in a relationship can cause a broken heart… But if you have found your partner who wants the same things as you in the relationship, you may be looking for Green Day wedding songs for that special day. For this, “Last Night on Earth” can be an excellent choice, both with its lyrics and its melody.

The One I Want

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While a happy romantic relationship is something that most of us want, it is not something that all of us get. This melancholic Green Day song that is hiding behind a facade of a lively melody, “The One I Want”, deals with exactly this topic; loving someone but not having one’s feelings reciprocated.

When It’s Time

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After many songs dealing with sorrowful subjects, let’s end this list of the top 10 Green Day love songs with a romantic track that has a positive vibe. “When It’s Time” is another song about the lead singer’s wife and as expected it is a beautiful song that deals with his sincere love for her.

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