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Are you looking for beautiful Celine Dion love songs to listen to? For getting some amazing suggestions, you can keep reading this post. With the wonderful options that you can find here, you can fill your romantic occasions with love. Celine Dion is among the most well-known singers of our time. She is a pop singer and her style has a touch of rock, R&B and gospel music as well. If you are ready to listen to top love songs by Celine Dion, let’s start!

That’s the Way It Is

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Here is one of the songs by Celine Dion that she performs amazingly with her majestic voice. “That’s the Way It Is” is a song that starts in an energetic and jolly manner, keeping its fast pace till the end. In the lyrics of the song, the difficulties of love and the potential to go beyond them is discussed. It is an excellent love song with a positive outlook that gives the advice of not giving up.

The Power Of Love

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As its name suggests “The Power Of Love” is another one of Celine Dion romantic songs to check out. Along with being a beautiful song that is worth listening to, this love song by the singer is a fairly popular one, too. It has a slow beginning but towards the end, it picks up the pace and offers an intense musical experience. In its lyrics, the powerful love between a man and a woman is explored.

To Love You More

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Although many of the love songs of Celine Dion have a positive and empowering theme, this track is a very sad one. In “To Love You More”, the feelings of a woman whose partner loves another woman is discussed. This woman reminisces the old times of passionate love with her partner and wants her partner to love her again. The song has a slow yet intense melody, which fits perfectly to its sorrowful theme.

My Heart Will Go On

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Another one among beautiful Celine Dion love songs is “My Heart Will Go On”, which was featured in the movie “Titanic”. It is such an iconic tune that most people should already be familiar with it. The song has a soft and almost dreamy melody and its lyrics are about the story of the movie that it was featured in, told from Rose’s perspective.

Have You Ever Been in Love

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Being in love is such an amazing feeling that it can make you feel as if “you could touch the moonlight” or “you’re holding heaven in your arms”. Well, these expressions are in this song’s lyrics and you can possibly tell how beautifully they express romance. In “Have You Ever Been in Love” Celine Dion’s sublime voice is at the forefront, with a soft melody supporting it.

Because You Loved Me

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There are lots of Celine Dion songs about love. And Celine Dion love songs can be suitable with many special occasions like a date night or a romantic dinner. With its slow pace, amazing melody and the awesome performance of Dion, “Because You Loved Me” is certainly among such tracks. It is a song about finding strength in love.

Tell Him

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Love can definitely be an empowering and liberating experience for many. However, it can sometimes be difficult to talk about love and tell a partner that you love them. Basically, “Tell Him” is a song about a woman who is struggling with this difficulty and being assured by someone who has already been there, whose verse was sung by Barbra Streisand.

How Does a Moment Last Forever

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Even though sometimes marriages end in a divorce, what we all hope in the beginning is our story to live on forever. As this track explores this theme, and mentions a song that lives on when everything else is forgotten, “How Does a Moment Last Forever” is one of the best Celine Dion wedding songs, both with its amazing lyrics and wonderful, soft melody.

Eyes On Me

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With its energetic melody that has a little bit of an eastern vibe, “Eyes On Me” is certainly an exciting song to listen to. Along with its jolly and playful melody, the lyrics of the song make it worth listening, as well. Simply put, it is about a confident woman who boldly asks her love interest for attention.

All By Myself

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We may sometimes forget about the meaning and importance of love and only the lack of it can make us remember. “All By Myself” is another one of the top Celine Dion love songs and it explores the feelings of loneliness and the nostalgia of better days that were filled with romance.

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