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Paramore have explored an eclectic variety of musical styles throughout their 15 year journey, from pop punk of Riot! to emotional heartbreak of After Laughter; each release represents another step in Hayley Williams’ evolution as an artist and role-model.

With tinkling sounds and an opening beat perfect for pool day, this love anthem from the band is one of its signature songs and sing along favorites. Additionally, its positive message sends a positive message. Here are most beloved Paramore Love Songs.

Still Into You

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Still Into You, the first single from ‘Looking Up’, is an upbeat and positive pop song which conveys the message that long-term love doesn’t need to become stagnant over time. One of Hayley Williams’ finest vocal performances from this album.

With its catchy “whoa-oas”, this track showcases Williams’ incredible vocal range and versatility. Additionally, its catchiness displays Paramore’s penchant for electro-pop; something they would embrace fully on later albums. This work by Paramore is one of the first ones that come to mind among Paramore Love Songs.

The Only Exception

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Originally released as the lead single off their third album Brand New Eyes in 2010, The Only Exception became a hit single worldwide. This song’s beautiful ballad demonstrates the transformative power of love – from fearing falling in love due to past heartbreak, to realizing that who she was with was worth all of its discomfort.This track is one of the most popular Paramore Love Songs.

This song explores being different, and its singer asserts their right to avoid people who express their views publicly, even if they’re incorrect. She criticizes how people become aggressive when voicing their opinions – something she considers unacceptable behavior.

The music video for this visually compelling. Featuring clips of Williams performing alongside Paramore against a darkly lit background, critics have given it high marks; Kyle Anderson even went so far as calling it the most visually interesting and complex clip ever produced by Paramore.


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Decode by Paramore is an iconic song that explores the complexity of relationships. With its intriguing lyrics and stirring chord progressions, Decode has resonated with millions of listeners worldwide. Though its associations to “Twilight” may seem tenuous at best, its timeless themes still ring true today for anyone navigating genuine love against obsessive control.Among Paramore Love Songs, it would be impossible not to mention this track.

Hayley Williams recorded this song while facing her own trials: she was trying to cope with the end of a relationship while also transitioning from teenager to adulthood. It serves as an enduring testament to love’s transformative powers and strength of human spirit.

That’s What You Get

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Paramore’s That’s What You Get is an ode to their hometown that explores a more reflective side. A chaotic mix of guitar licks, electronic embellishments, and dream-like interludes distinguish this song from Riot!, yet its lyrics still convey real emotion.

Hayley Williams first showed her incredible vocal talents with this epic love anthem from high school nightmares; its powerful verses give way to an explosive chorus which made an appearance on Guitar Hero game! A true scene classic.

All I Wanted

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Paramore’s self-titled album, released in 2013, introduced the powerful ballad “All I Wanted,” which left a lasting impact on listeners. Lead vocalist Hayley Williams showcased her exceptional vocal range and emotional depth in this standout track. With each note, the song unveils intense and raw emotions. “All I Wanted” explores the universal themes of longing and vulnerability, resonating with anyone who has experienced the yearning for love and understanding.

The lyrics and Hayley’s impassioned delivery create a deeply personal and introspective journey. Hayley’s vocals soar throughout the song, effortlessly transitioning between moments of delicate vulnerability and explosive displays of emotion. Her voice carries the weight of the lyrics, making each word feel like a reflection of the singer’s deepest desires and innermost thoughts.This successful song has one of the most emotional lyrics among Paramore Love Songs.

Hate To See Your Heartbreak

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Paramore was no stranger to heartache after their breakup and reunion, yet this track, co-written by former bandmate Zac Farro, examines some of the challenging emotions involved with reconciling with old friends while hoping for healing in each situation. Though musically soothing and string-heavy, Hayley gives it that signature Paramore quality.

This fun song from ‘After Laughter’ serves as an indicator of just how far the band has come. Furthermore, it serves as a reminder that even during times of distress it is vital to persevere and believe that happiness awaits you again.

Rose-Colored Boy

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Rose-Colored Boy has become a fan favorite among Paramore fans due to its catchy tune and poignant lyrics, serving as a stark reminder that life may not always go according to plan and that even those who appear secure may be experiencing difficulties in their daily lives.It is considered as one of Paramore romantic songs.

The music video for Hayley Williams’ song encapsulates perfectly its message: set against a morning news program backdrop, the clip depicts her trying to keep up a cheery attitude while concealing her own internal struggles – serving as a timely reminder that we should all support each other when times get difficult.

My Heart

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When Paramore debuted with their album “All We Know Is Falling” in 2005, the track “My Heart” quickly became a fan favorite, embodying the band’s early emo and pop-punk influences with its energetic and angsty sound. From the captivating opening chords, the song grabs your attention, exuding urgency and intensity that reflects the raw emotional essence of Paramore’s early music. It resonates deeply with listeners navigating the tumultuous emotions of youth, finding solace in the power of music.

Through heartfelt lyrics, Paramore explores themes of heartbreak, resilience, and relationship challenges, providing a cathartic outlet for listeners to connect with the band’s emotional journey and find solace in shared experiences of love and loss. “My Heart” is a testament to Paramore’s ability to convey emotion, drawing listeners in with relatable lyrics and spirited performances, representing the band’s early sound and the impact they made with their honest and energetic approach to music.


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“Pool” is a track from Paramore’s fifth studio album, “After Laughter,” released in 2017. The song showcases a departure from the band’s previous alternative rock sound, embracing a more new wave and pop-oriented direction. “Pool” is characterized by its infectious groove, catchy melodies, and introspective lyrics that explore themes of escapism and emotional struggle. It can be listed as one of Paramore wedding songs.


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“Proof” is an anthemic and upbeat track from Paramore’s second studio album, “Riot!,” released in 2007. It stands as a shining example of the band’s distinctive blend of pop-punk and alternative rock. With its vibrant instrumentation, captivating vocals, and lyrics that delve into themes of self-discovery and resilience, “Proof” quickly became a beloved fan favorite and a staple of Paramore’s electrifying live performances.

Let the Flames Begin

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We cannot skip this track among Paramore love songs. “Let the Flames Begin” by Paramore is a powerful track that resonates with its dynamic energy and emotionally charged lyrics. From their album “Riot!” released in 2007, the song showcases the band’s signature mix of energetic instrumentation and impassioned vocals. The track captures themes of resilience, overcoming adversity, and embracing personal strength.

With lyrics like “What a shame, what a shame we all remain such fragile broken things,” the song’s anthemic chorus and intense delivery embody a sense of empowerment and determination to rise above challenges.


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“Ignorance” from Paramore’s album “Brand New Eyes” (2009) is an assertive and spirited anthem that confronts themes of disillusionment and betrayal. The song reflects on the frustration of feeling misled and let down by someone close.

Its fiery lyrics and driving melody convey a sense of defiance and frustration, serving as a bold declaration of independence and a refusal to remain complacent in the face of deceit. The track’s energetic instrumentation and Hayley Williams’ impassioned vocals amplify the song’s emotional impact.

Brick by Boring Brick

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“Brick by Boring Brick” is a standout track from Paramore’s album “Brand New Eyes.” The song presents a narrative that touches upon themes of escapism, self-delusion, and the consequences of living in a fantasy world. Its lyrics metaphorically illustrate the pitfalls of escaping reality, warning against constructing an illusionary life that ultimately crumbles.

With lines like “Well, go get your shovel / And we’ll dig a deep hole to bury the castle,” the song’s catchy melody and powerful chorus convey a message about the importance of facing reality and overcoming the allure of superficial facades.

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