Saddest Drake Songs

There is no doubt that some of the saddest Drake songs have contributed to Drake being one of the most successful names of all time in both rap and the music market. Here are some of Drake’s most beloved saddest Drake songs.

Marvin’s Room

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Marvins Room is one of Drake’s best-known songs. A text-worthy situationship anthem, it explores sentimental yet non-romantic aspects of modern romance with its subtle yet sensuous croon from Drake complemented by Ericka Lee’s blunt critique making this single an instant classic. Although Drake is an artist who does not usually utilize depressing themes in his songs, this song is one of the first to come to mind among the saddest Drake songs in terms of both lyrics and mood.

From Time

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Drake shows his versatility as an artist by trying his hand at both singing and crooning on this track, adding some soft vocals for smoothness to the tune. He raps confidently as well, delivering some punchlines against an infectious beat – including dissing Tyga! He even manages to drop an all-out diss on him!

This track’s intro alone makes it worth listening to; it showcases Drake’s arrogant confidence with such charisma that you cannot help but become hooked. Plus, that charming flute riff just cannot be overlooked! This work is exactly one of the first ones that come to mind among saddest Drake songs.

Too Much

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Drake has enjoyed widespread commercial success as well as criticism. On this 2016 throwaway loosie he responds with some vicious bars over an R&B beat – almost comically rude but unmistakably impressive in its lyrical sophistication.

Drake explores our choices and what each one entails, contemplating both what we gain and lose through each choice. Choice has become a theme in songs such as Road and Bryter Layter; here, however, it takes on more playful connotations: an atmospheric piano line allows its notes to entwine around guitar picking without becoming burdensome or morbid. This work is exactly one of the first ones that come to mind among saddest Drake songs.

Do Not Disturb

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This song showcases Drake’s ability to bring together various styles seamlessly. Boasting a trap-influenced beat, this track features some seriously energetic writing as well as memorable hooks from him that come across like powerhouses; the end result is truly incredible music!

Drake plays with afrobeat here, which adds an interesting element. The Weeknd also adds his vocals for this stunning track; combined with Drake’s incredible rapping, they create an outstanding tune.This song is one of the most original and saddest Drake songs.

At his best, Drake can still deliver when it comes to top 40 music. In this Lemon Pepper Freestyle he shows that his unique voice shines in any kind of production and delivers some of his greatest lines while showing no fear in speaking his mind.

Trust Issues

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Drake’s distrust for the industry reaches career-high peaks on this rugged and distant Views album opener. Even with more introspective, slow-burning sonics, Drake still manages to showcase his lyrical dexterity: “Never needed none of your n—as, so I f— with them n—as,” he raps as he ramps up pressure against some of its biggest villains with an explosive verse full of fiery accusations against their key protagonists in an irreverent yet direct verse a la rap’s “Never needed none of your n—-as, so I f— with them n—-as”; it makes its point well and quickly! Among saddest Drake songs , it would be impossible not to mention this song by Drake.

Shot For Me

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Drake doesn’t rap about ex-lovers in the same manner that many other rappers do; most of his songs about broken relationships tend to focus on him and his feelings, but this song takes an unusual approach: we hear her side! She tells him she misses him and can’t move forward with her new partner; she also talks about all the ways in which he influenced her life – such as how she put up her hair!

This song is truly captivating musically as well, showcasing Majid Jordan and blending elements of R&B, synth-pop and classic hip hop into one beautiful composition. Drake shows his talent by acting more as a crooner here and truly shining bright. This unforgettable song is one of the most high-energy among saddest Drake songs .

Drake rarely writes songs with such emotion-laden lyrics; yet here, his emotional delivery shows just how deeply this relationship affected him. Rapping confidently here, Drake even adds some afrobeat at the end of this track as proof of his versatility in musical styles.

Club Paradise

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Jorja Smith brings her signature vocals and the producer melds them seamlessly together for this slow-burning ballad from Drake, with its loungey production sounding like it came straight out of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis filtered through a double-glazed window. Drake sings of boyish happiness despite unmemorable lyrics; all supported by an adorable flute riff which will have you wanting to hug it close against your chest!

Drake’s third album, More Life, marked an unprecedented departure from the sonic paranoia and groove-oriented sound that defined his first two releases. A standout track is his subtle jab at Kanye West on the chorus hook; although its lyrics may not be the finest examples of his writing skill, its production includes stuttering beats and asymmetric cymbals for an exciting nightclub ambience. This successful song has one of the most emotional lyrics among saddest Drake songs.

Drake’s rise from humble origins to hip-hop stardom was another highlight of this album, an anthem that resonated with fans who shared similar experiences. While it can sometimes be difficult to differentiate between Drake’s aggression and genuine emotion, on this ferocious track the latter comes through clearly as its heavy duty keyboard beat allowed him to stomp out verse after verse without stopping for breath or breaks between lines.


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While most of the songs on this list are considerably more serious, this track marks Drake’s first attempt at creating a lighter record. Boasting an infectious chorus and some R&B influences, it showcases his ability to adapt his sound while staying true to himself.It is considered as one of the sad Drake songs.

Own It

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Drake’s reflective song about an earlier relationship is filled with heavy emotional undertones, making this track an anthem for anyone feeling left out or misunderstood; Drake excels at creating this melancholic atmosphere within this track. It can be listed as one of Drake sad songs .


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This Drake track is one of the earliest examples of his talent as a rapper. With almost poetic-sounding bars, and a mix of hip hop and R&B production elements crooned confidently by Drake crooning with confidence it makes for the ideal track to unwind to while relaxing – plus there is always motivation in hearing about Drake’s success story here too! Here are also some favorable Drake love songs.

Worst Behavior

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The next song is a really great example of saddest songs by Canadian rapper, included on his third studio album, “Nothing Was the Same,” released in 2013. The track gained popularity for its aggressive tone and confident delivery by Drake.

In “Worst Behavior,” Drake asserts his success and addresses various topics, including his rise in the music industry, his detractors, and his loyalty to his roots. The song’s lyrics highlight Drake’s determination, self-assuredness, and his refusal to conform to others’ expectations. The track’s title is a reference to Drake’s rebellious attitude and his refusal to conform to conventional norms, choosing instead to stay true to himself and his own path.

The Language

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We can continue to explore most beloved saddest Drake songs with Language. In “The Language,” Drake addresses various themes, including his success in the music industry, his rise to fame, and his impact on the rap scene. The song explores Drake’s confidence, prowess, and dominance in the hip-hop landscape.

Lyrically, Drake boasts about his achievements and addresses those who may doubt or question his authenticity and credibility. The track serves as a declaration of his position in the rap game and his ability to set trends and influence the culture.

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