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Juice Wrld became known to the whole world in 2018 with the single Lucid Dreams. The most prominent feature of the American rapper is that he combines rap and other music genres very well. There is usually a sad vibe in his songs. Themes such as drug addiction, loneliness, and psychological problems are often used in the songs of the successful artist, who is loved by the new generation of music lovers. In 2019, the young singer unfortunately lost his life. The beloved rapper, whose life ended at the age of 21, has many sad songs. Here are some Juice Wrld sad songs:

Dark Place

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After Juice Wrld’s death, some of his unfinished songs were released on the album Legends Never Die. Dark Place is one of the popular songs released after the death of the artist. The song ironically uses themes of depression and suicide. Dark Place, which has a melancholic atmosphere, has taken on an even more impressive form with the singer’s death. Dark Place is definitely¬† a work of art that should be counted one of the first among Juice Wrld sad songs.


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Unfortunately, Juice Wrld died in 2019 when he was only 21 years old. His posthumous album Legend Never Die contains many impressive songs. Denial is one of the favorite tracks of this meaningful album. The song can be seen as a good summary of Juice Wrld’s musical style. The original music editing in the song has been appreciated by fans. Like other songs from this album, Denial is one of the first songs that comes to mind when Juice Wrld sad songs are considered.

Wishing Well

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The young rapper released an EP in the years before he passed away. Juice Wrld’s popular EP was called Too Soon. It is known that he dedicated the song Legends on this album to a rapper named XXXTentacion. The famous rapper named XXXTentacion died 2 years before the release of this EP. Juice Wrld, who lost his friend, went into the studio and recorded these songs. Legends can be considered as a tribute in a way. It is among the popular Juice Wrld sad songs and is still listened to with respect even today.


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End Of The Road

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American rapper Juice Wrld released an album called Death Race for Love in 2019. This album was one of his last music works before his death. The popular song End of the Road became one of the most popular songs from this album. The song was an example of a combination of different genres such as hip hop and rock, as seen in Juice Wrld’s other songs. End of the Road is one of the most original among Juice Wrld sad songs.

Sleep Paralysis

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Juice Wrld, a rapper who died at a young age, released an album in 2018, sadly titled “Goodbye & Good Riddance”. The song Wasted on this album is one of the most popular songs among Juice Wrld sad songs. The themes of drug use and dark American parties were used in this song. The lyrics and music fascinate the listeners.

Lucid Dreams

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Awful Times

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In 2017, when Juice Wrld had just released their album, they were uploading amateur recordings to platforms on the internet. The song Awful Times is one of them. Awful Times, which has melancholic vibes and sad atmosphere, can be a very good example for Juice Wrld sad songs. Juice Wrld, who was still in the early stages of his career in those years, proved his talents and unique style in this song.

Hurt Me

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We can continue the list of Juice Wrld sad songs by remembering Hurt Me. Juice WRLD, known for his emotive and introspective style, released “Hurt Me” as a part of his discography. The track encapsulates themes of emotional pain and vulnerability. Within its lyrics, Juice WRLD delves into the complexities of relationships, expressing feelings of heartache, betrayal, and the struggles that arise from emotional wounds.

The song’s melodic rhythm and poignant verses serve as a window into the artist’s personal battles with love and the challenges of navigating turbulent emotions.

Long Gone

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“Long Gone” by Juice WRLD is another testament to his ability to intertwine raw emotions with melodic beats. The track touches upon themes of loss, loneliness, and the passage of time. Through poignant lyrics, Juice WRLD reflects on feelings of detachment, reminiscing about moments that have faded away.

The song’s somber tone and introspective nature offer a glimpse into the artist’s contemplations on life’s transient nature and the struggle to come to terms with the inevitability of change.

Can’t Die

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In “Can’t Die,” Juice WRLD explores themes of mortality, mental health struggles, and the desire for inner peace. The song confronts personal demons and the artist’s battles with anxiety and depression.

Juice WRLD’s poignant lyrics convey a sense of urgency to find solace and meaning amidst emotional turmoil. With a blend of introspective verses and emotive melodies, the track encapsulates the artist’s candid introspection and his quest for resilience and hope in the face of inner struggles.

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