Saddest Mac Miller Songs

Mac Miller is an American rapper and music producer. After 2010, he experienced great developments in his career. Born in 92, the young rapper has countless songs that have reached millions of streams on online music platforms. He successfully combined the genres of R&B and hip-hop. Sadly, he passed away at a young age in 2018. The theme of sadness was always present in the songs of Mac Miller, who still continues to inspire many young people with his songs. Here are the most loved and saddest Mac Miller songs:

Good News

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A tribute album was released after the artist’s death in 2020. Many of the songs on this album, called Circles, were projects Miller did before he died. With this sad feature, sadness is felt in all the songs in this album. The hit song from the Circles album Good News is a good mix of hip-hop and alternative genres. Containing poetic expressions about mental health, this song is among the most meaningful and of course¬† saddest Mac Miller songs.


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After the young rapper died, an album was released by the studio where he continued his rap studies. One of the popular songs on the album is Godspeed. In this song, Miller used acoustic guitars and custom keyboards. It is counted among the saddest Mac Miller songs known thanks to the song’s atmosphere. We see that all the feelings of a young artist who seeks peace in his lyrics are expressed honestly.


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Objects In The Mirror

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Five years before Mac Miller passed away, he released his second studio album in his career path. Although the name of the album was criticized by the music industry, it included very successful songs. One of the most memorable songs of the album called Watching Movies with the Sound Off was Objects In The Mirror. In this song, the artist reflected on the troubles he suffered in his relationships with his own unique style. Objects In The Mirror should be counted among the saddest Mac Miller songs.

Come Back To Earth

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While he had not yet released his second album, Mac Miller was working on his own music at home. He released a mixtape in 2010. The song “Rain” included in this project became one of Mac Miller’s saddest songs as soon as it was released. Because the song combined a sample from The Isley Brothers with sad lyrics.


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Grand Finale

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The most loved song in the young rapper’s second album and still listened to by his fans today is Grand Finale. This epic title song has a very high-energy atmosphere. When the lyrics of the song are examined, we understand how melancholy Mac Miller is about life. Miller’s song, which has something to say about the music industry that hurt his passions, is among the most memorable and saddest Mac Miller songs.


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Once A Day

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His fans attributed a different meaning to the album Circles, released by his studio, due to the artist’s death. Once a Day in this album, which consists of unfinished projects and unreleased songs, was very popular. In this song, unlike his other songs, he used acoustic guitar and piano melodies. Thanks to its lyrics, it can be considered among the popular and saddest Mac Miller songs.

There are also impressive songs written by rap artist Miller about love. Here are Mac Miller love songs.

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