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Mac Miller is a young rapper and songwriter born in 1992. The popular rapper had achieved good success despite his young age. Unfortunately, we lost him in 2018, but he left a lot of songs behind. Here are the Mac Miller love songs that will never be forgotten:

Objects in the Mirror

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Released in 2013 when he was only 21 years old, Objects in the Mirror should be one of the first songs that comes to mind when it comes to Mac Miller love songs. Miller, who reflects the sad aspects of love with his emotional lyrics in his own style, used a slower vocal technique in this song. Unlike other hip-hop products, he has listed his sentences in a more melancholic tone.

Someone Like You

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One of the most listened songs of the young American rapper is Someone Like You. Released in 2013, this song is from his album Watching Movies with the Sound Off ironically. Mac Miller has created a huge fan base with what he has produced in his short music career. Someone Like You can be counted among the popular Mac Miller love songs with its beat and lyrics.


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One of young hip hop artist Mac Miller’s songs about love is ROS. Mac Miller performed this song live at his concerts before he passed away in 2018. The piano-driven song has a different vibe from other hip hop products. The word ROS in the title of the song is an abbreviation for “rain or shine”. Mac Miller, who suffered from love pains and separation anxieties despite his young age, seems to have taken revenge for these pains with very good albums and songs. Especially in his songs’ lyrics, it is clear that the words and sentences he carefully chooses have a story.

Missed Calls

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One of the hits from the 2018 album Swimming, Perfecto is an ironic love song. Successful hip hop artist Mac Miller carefully composed the lyrics in the song Perfecto. With its fun background music, it has become a popular song despite its melancholic atmosphere. Perfecto should definitely be considered when it comes to popular Mac Miller love songs.


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All I Want Is You

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The 2010 K.I.D.S album All I Want Is You is a very good example of Mac Miller love songs. Adding lyrics about the woman he was in love with on top of the moving rhythm, Mac Miller managed to prove his creativity and talent in this song. Written when he was only 18 years old, All I Want Is You is the expression of an innocent young love.

In the Morning

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Skin, released in 2016 by the talented American rapper Mac Miller, starts with breathing sounds and a saxophone solo. This original arrangement makes it one of the most popular Mac Miller love songs. The melancholic mood of the lyrics is sustained by the original sound effects. If we hadn’t lost Mac Miller in 2018 when he was still young, we would have been able to listen to quality new songs like Skin.

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