Frank Ocean Love Songs

The young artist, born in 1987, was composing for other artists at the beginning of his music career. Then he started to create his own products. The successful singer has won many prestigious music awards. His lyrics and musical style make his songs pretty unique. Frank Ocean, who produces songs about different topics, is known to have some songs about themes such as love and disappointment. He has many songs that can be considered in the R&B and rap genres. Here are some Frank Ocean love songs:


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In 2016, Frank Ocean included a song with the strange name Seigfried in his album Blonde. In this song about his friend’s drug addiction, he used the word Seigfried as an element of metaphor. With these carefully crafted lyrics, Seigfried is one of the most original Frank Ocean love songs. He impressively reflected his pain with the words “I’d do anything for you” in this song’s chorus.

Self Control

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In 2016, Frank Ocean met the appreciation of his many fans with the song Self Control. In the song, the artist expressed his heartbreak and sadness about love through a very catchy melody. Self Control song, in which he expresses his regrets about love in an artistic way, is one of the successful Frank Ocean love songs. The youtube music video of the song has reached 20 million views.


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Bad Religion

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Frank Ocean released an album called Channel Orange when he was only 25 years old. This studio album has many impressive songs. Bad Religion is one of the romantic songs on this album. Thanks to its lyrics and original musical background, it has become one of the popular Frank Ocean love songs.


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Strawberry Swing

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In 2010 Frank Ocean released an EP called Nostalgia, Ultra. One of the most popular songs on this EP is the emotional song Strawberry Swing. The song is an impressive work with lo-fi beats that occasionally shifts to rock and hip-hop genres. As the title suggests, the song is about the summer season. It tells us that people should be happier in this season. Strawberry Swing has managed to become one of the successful Frank Ocean romantic songs with all its original features.


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Thinkin Bout You

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Frank Ocean released the song Thinkin Bout You in 2012. This song, which can be considered a kind of R&B example, is one of the artist’s most used works on the theme of love. Thinkin Bout You, which expresses the feelings of an unrequited love honestly and poetically, is one of the first Frank Ocean love songs that comes to mind.


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Miss You So

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One of the most popular songs from his EP Nostalgia, Ultra is Miss You So. Frank Ocean created a melancholic atmosphere in Miss You So. This atmosphere is very suitable for expressing his disappointments and the pain of love. This song, which has been released for more than ten years, is still loved by fans on digital music platforms. Miss You So is definitely among the most popular Frank Ocean love songs.

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