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Although young rapper Rod Wave is only in his 20s, he has released many hit rap songs and his career continues to be very successful. His ability to write lyrics, usually in verses in rap songs, has been appreciated.

Unlike other hip hop artists, the number of popular Rod Wave love songs is not less. Here are some examples of the most popular Rod Wave love songs with different emotions from different albums and years:

Heart On Ice

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The song Heart on Ice, released in 2019, is one of the Rod Wave love songs with the most touching verses. In the song, the metaphor of the feelings felt after a relationship ends is established with the heart mold on ice.

Rod Wave uses his powerful and soulful voice to convey the pain and struggles he has faced in his life, creating a heartfelt and resonant track. Rod Wave added this song to his Ghetto Gospel album, which he released in 2019. It is a very suitable track to get to know Rod Wave’s musical style.

Rags2Riches (featuring ATR Son Son)

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Rod Wave attracted attention with his song Rags2Riches in the Pray 4 Love music work released in 2020. The track delves into themes of resilience, ambition, and the desire for a better life. It can be examined as a testament to the idea that hard work and determination can lead to a transformation from “rags” (poverty or difficult circumstances) to “riches” (prosperity and success). ATR Son Son’s feature adds depth to the song, providing a dynamic and engaging collaborative factor.

Although it generally has a vibe full of success and motivation, when you listen to the lyrics of the song more carefully, you will realize that Rod Wave also conveys the experiences of his love past. Rags2Riches is among the most original Rod Wave love songs .

Letter from Houston

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He also released the emotional song Rod Wave Letter From Houston in his rap song collection project called SoulFly. In this single, Rod Wave artistically reflected the letter he received from his partner who lives in Houston. Letter From Houston is one of the most popular Rod Wave love songs.

Pray 4 Love

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Rod Wave criticized the conflicts in love and relationships in his own style in his song Pray 4 Love. Pray 4 Love is a song with a direct love theme among Rod Wave love songs . In the verses of the song, the young hip-hop artist’s extraordinary songwriting talent is felt. “4” is used in this title like other rap songs.

Thug Motivation

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One of the most popular Rod Wave love songs is Thug Motivation. In this song, Rod Wave honestly described the violent events in the neighborhood where he spent his childhood. Thug Motivation, in which he tells about the difficult times he had before becoming a famous hip-hop artist as Rod Wave, will be a great choice to get motivated before sports.

All Week (featuring Kevin Gates)

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The song All Week is one of the first Rod Wave love songs that comes to mind. This unique rap song, which was released in 2021 and is a new song, is widely listened to on digital music platforms. It explores themes of hustling, and the pursuit of success. It’s a high-energy track that celebrates hard work and determination. It enters our list with its lyrics about the emotional scars left by love and the struggles on the road to success.


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This song, unlike other Rod Wave love songs , is a special song released by Rod Wave to showcase his talents. Rod Wave Freestyle really deserves appreciation for its catchy beat and masterfully written lyrics.

Calabasas (featuring E-40)

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The song Calabasas, which they released with E-40, reflects the ambitions and sense of revenge underlying Rod Wave’s success. It is one of the most popular Rod Wave love songs . If you want to get some Rod Wave in your playlists, Calabasas will be a great choice.

Dark Clouds

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We continue with Dark Clouds, the most emotional song of our list. It reflects on tough times, personal losses, and the resilience to push through adversity. Even though it has a high energy beat, the song Dark Clouds has a really sad vibe with its lyrics. We recommend you to listen to this unique Rod Wave song released in 2020.


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Abandoned is one of the most popular songs from the Pray 4 Love album. Rod Wave published this song in his album Pray 4 Love, which was released in 2020 and achieved commercial success.”Abandoned” is an emotionally charged song that delves into themes of abandonment and betrayal.

Abandoned can be considered as one of the most popular Rod Wave love songs thanks to its verses.

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