Lil Wayne Love Songs

One of the most popular rappers in the American rap industry, Lil Wayne has had a long music career. He has been producing rap and hip-hop songs since he was young and some of his songs are about love. Although he usually has provocative, hard-hitting songs, Lil Wayne can also produce works about love from time to time. Here are some popular Lil Wayne love songs:

Something You Forgot

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Something You Forgot was released as a single during the peak of Lil Wayne’s career. The song is not just an ordinary rap song. It also includes R&B sounds. He used a sample from the song When She Loved Me from the soundtrack album of the popular animated movie Toy Story series. The successful rapper’s Something You Forgot is one of the most popular Lil Wayne love songs.


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Lil Wayne released an album titled Tha Carter III in 2008. Receipt, one of the popular songs of this album, can be counted among Lil Wayne love songs. The song generally reflects the Lil Wayne style well. The cleverly chosen lyrics made the song even more fun. It is still listened to today. When listening to “Receipt”, you will want to listen to it over and over again because of the lyric sequence.

With You

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Love Me

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In 2013, Lil Wayne released an album called I Am Not a Human Being 2. This album was usually dominated by the trap genre. Famous rappers Drake and Future also supported this album. The song Love Me, which they performed together, is a good example of Lil Wayne Love songs. The rap verses in the song are very popular.


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The song Comfortable from his popular album Tha Carter III attracted attention with its unique style. Lil Wayne created an R&B style musical atmosphere in this song. He used a sample from Q-Tip’s popular song Breathe and Stop. Released in 2008, Comfortable is one of the most popular Lil Wayne love songs.

Mrs. Officer

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How to Love

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How to Love is one of Lil Wayne’s single projects. Released in 2011, he wrote lyrics about love and relationships in this song. The song has a unique style thanks to the guitar used in the song. How to Love is among the popular Lil Wayne love songs. Lil Wayne is one of the leading names in the American hip-hop world and has produced many different singles and album projects. He does not always include topics such as love among these songs. That’s why How to Love can be considered a special track.

Perfect Strangers

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Back To You

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Released in 2013, I Am Not A Human Being II is one of the songs from the album Back to You. With this song, Lil Wayne presented his own rap style using the theme of love. This song, with a melancholic vibe, is one of the successful Lil Wayne emotional songs. Lil Wayne is usually more rebellious in his songs. But in this song, he expresses the feelings of a sad man who suffers from feelings of love.

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