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Eminem is a hip-hop master that we are already fans of with his many rap songs. But today we did a special search for his fastest songs. If the  other songs seem a little slow to you, you will not be able to keep up with the speed of our list, let us warn you in advance!  Here are the examples of the most beautiful and fastest Eminem songs:


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The first track among fastest Eminem songs is the great hip-hop hit Godzilla. Featured on Eminem’s album “Music to Be Murdered By” (2020), “Godzilla” gained attention for its rapid-fire lyrical delivery and features the late rapper Juice WRLD.

The song is marked by Eminem’s lightning-fast flow and witty wordplay, tackling various themes while showcasing his technical prowess as a rapper.


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It can be counted as one example of fastest Eminem songs. “Biterphobia” is an early Eminem track from his album “Slim Shady EP” (1997). In this song, Eminem delves into the fear of being plagiarized or imitated by other rappers, showcasing his unique style and originality.

The track serves as a testament to Eminem’s early career, displaying his raw talent and willingness to confront the challenges of the rap industry.


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Another example of fastest Eminem songs is here.”Despicable” is a track by Eminem released as a promotional single in 2010, primarily to promote the release of his album “Recovery.”

The song features Eminem’s signature rapid-fire delivery and clever wordplay, emphasizing his lyrical prowess and assertive flow.

Rap God

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“Rap God” is a renowned song by Eminem from his eighth studio album, “The Marshall Mathers LP 2,” released in 2013. The track gained immense popularity for its intricate rhyme schemes, rapid-fire delivery, and Eminem’s showcase of lyrical dexterity.

In “Rap God,” Eminem flexes his exceptional technical skills as a rapper, delivering an astonishing array of complex lyrics at an incredible speed, demonstrating his ability to switch flows and cadences effortlessly.

The song’s lyrics touch on various themes, including Eminem’s place in the rap game, his prowess as an artist, and his dominance in the world of hip-hop, earning him the title of a “Rap God.” It became a standout track in his discography and solidified his reputation as one of the most skilled and influential rappers in the genre’s history.

Fast Lane

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We suggest that track to your playlist of fastest Eminem songs.  You will be shocked because of the amazing fast verses in the song. “Fast Lane” is a collaboration between Eminem and Royce da 5’9″, released as part of their Bad Meets Evil duo project’s album “Hell The Sequel” (2011). The song is marked by its dynamic lyrical exchanges between the two artists over an energetic beat.

Their verses showcase intricate wordplay and intense flows, making it a standout track in their collaborative album.


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Let’s go back to older times now. “Soldier” is a track from Eminem’s album “The Eminem Show” released in 2002. In this song, Eminem delivers powerful verses showcasing his unapologetic attitude and resilience in the face of criticism and adversaries. The track features intense lyrics and a robust beat, reflecting on Eminem’s journey, addressing fame, and asserting his determination to overcome challenges in the music industry.

Lucky You

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“Luck You” must be remembered when we consider the fastest Eminem songs. Featured on Eminem’s album “Kamikaze” released in 2018, “Lucky You” is a collaboration with rapper Joyner Lucas. The song delves into themes of success, the pressures of fame, and the state of the rap industry.

Eminem and Joyner Lucas trade verses over a hard-hitting beat, showcasing their lyrical prowess while reflecting on their respective careers and the complexities of being in the spotlight.


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It may be listed among fastest Eminem songs. “Offended” is a track from Eminem’s album “Revival” released in 2017. In this song, Eminem displays his lyrical agility, delivering rapid-fire verses filled with wordplay and clever rhymes.

The track addresses various topics, including Eminem’s critics, the state of the world, and societal issues, while showcasing his unapologetic and confrontational style.


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We can continue with a great hip-hop hit to the fastest Eminem songs list . “GNAT” is a song from Eminem’s album “Music to Be Murdered By Side B ” released in 2020. The track touches on Eminem’s observations of the world’s chaos, referencing the acronym “GNAT” to convey the idea of being a nuisance or a pest in society.

The song addresses social issues, political commentary, and Eminem’s thoughts on the current state of affairs, delivered with his trademark rapid flow and dense wordplay.

Not Alike

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The last song of fastest Eminem songs is Not Alike. “Not Alike” is a collaboration with rapper Royce da 5’9″ from Eminem’s album “Kamikaze” released in 2018. The song features aggressive verses from both artists, targeting other rappers in the industry, addressing copycat styles and calling out those who imitate their flows and personas.

Eminem’s intense delivery and clever wordplay make it a standout track in the album. He is pretty good at fast performances.

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