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The famous rapper, whose real name is Jermaine Lamar Cole, continues his rap career under the name J. Cole. J. Cole, who devotes space to social issues in his songs, also has many Grammy nominations. On the other hand, he is the creator of numerous successful albums and songs. In addition to justice and social problems, from time to time, he has also addressed love in his songs. Here are some favorite J. Cole love songs:


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Photograph is one of the most popular songs from successful rapper J. Cole’s album 4 Your Eyez Only. The song talks about the difficulties of love and life. Its poetic lyrics are quite impressive. Released in 2016, this emotional rap song can be counted among J. Cole love songs. Photograph, which has a unique atmosphere, contains not only love but also touches on the difficulties experienced while growing up and the harshness of life.

Power Trip

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The song “Power Trip”, which they released with the successful artist Miguel, is one of the most popular J. Cole romantic songs. In 2013, J. Cole included this song in his Born Sinner album. Combining R&B and hip-hop tones, this unique song tells about the problems in a relationship. With the lyrics “Now a nigga signed to Hov, took a power trip” in the chorus, Power Trip is a song where we can see how brave J. Cole was in writing the lyrics.

Deja Vu

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Dreams was released in 2009 by J. Cole. The song Dreams, which he included in his mixtape The Warm Up, is quite different from other J. Cole songs. The song, which contains jazz tones, is proof that J. Cole can write very good lyrics. Dreams should be counted among J. Cole love songs thanks to its style and lyrics.


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Kevin’s Heart

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In 2018, J. Cole included the song Kevin’s Heart in his album KOD. The song is about famous comedian Kevin Hart’s cheating news. Ironically, this name was chosen. It is among the favorite J. Cole love songs. In recent years, the news that the popular comedian cheated on his wife came to light and made a big splash. J. Cole talks about Kevin Hart in this song. The popular song was also the subject of Kevin Hart’s jokes.

Sparks Will Fly

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J. Cole’s third studio album was 2014 Forest Hills Drive. Released in 2014, one of the most popular songs from this album was Runaway. This song is an expression of anger about the difficulties of the environment and love. It is a totally classic rap song with nostalgic melodies and harsh lyrics. Runaway is among the original J. Cole love songs.

She Knows

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She’s Mine Pt. 1

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4 Your Eyez Only, J. Cole released the popular album She’s Mine Pt. 1, which was released in 2016. This song is still listened to nowadays. Using heartbreak as a theme, J. Cole She’s Mine Pt. 1 song appreciated by fans. This song should definitely be counted among popular J. Cole love songs.

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