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Polo G is a rap singer in his early twenties. Despite his young age, he has managed to become one of the most popular rappers in hip-hop culture. He released his album Finer Things in 2018. With this album, he said hello to the rap community. In his songs, which usually have themes such as anger and revenge, he has already had many hit songs. There are some songs where the young rapper expresses his feelings about love in his own unique style. Just like Lil Durk love songs, here are Polo G love songs with the most popular examples:


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In 2021, Polo G reached nearly 200 million listens with his song RAPSTAR. The young rapper has been one of the rare artists to achieve such success so early in his career. RAPSTAR, one of the first songs that comes to mind when it comes to Polo G love songs, has emotional lyrics about the neighborhood where Polo G grew up and the loves of his old days. With this song, Polo G has become a recognized name among the rap community. It has become curious what he will produce after this song.


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Like the other songs on Die a Legend, Heartless is a rap song with a high dose of melancholy. Polo G has skillfully used themes such as love and separation in the verses of this song. Heartless is one of the most iconic of Polo G love songs and it has clever lyrics full of sadness like Juice Wrld love songs.

Martin & Gina

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Martin & Gina is the most prominent song on Polo G’s self-produced 2020 album The Goat. In this song, the young rapper presented an irony with cleverly written verses. The popular sitcom couple Martin & Gina gave the song its name. This young rapper’s song criticizing today’s relationships is among the most popular Polo G love songs. 


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With more than 80 million listens, Epidemic is one of the Polo G songs that has achieved commercial success. In 2020, the whole world faced an epidemic. Young rapper Polo G was inspired by this current event and released this song. Although it contains different themes other than love, it can be mentioned among the popular Polo G love songs. When the verses of the song are analyzed, it is seen that Polo G also has objections about social problems.

I Know

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Polo G has proven his presence in the music industry despite his young age. His song I Know, in which he talks about the periods when he built his music career, has been loved by artists. Polo G was appreciated by the important names of the American rap market with the song I Know. The song is already counted among the unforgettable Polo G love songs with its melancholic atmosphere.

Chosen 1

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Polo G presents this early sense of fame and success at a young age with great skill in the song Chosen 1. Polo G is symbolized by the word chosen in the song Chosen 1, where he talks about the difficulties at the beginning of his career and some love stories. Released in 2020, this song has reached more than 50 million listens. Chosen 1 should definitely be counted among the Polo G love songs that new generation music listeners admire.

Through Da Storm

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Even though Polo G became famous at a very early age, he expressed in Through Da Storm how labor-intensive several albums, dozens of songs and studio stories were. Polo G’s personal problems are felt in both the atmosphere and the lyrics of the song. He expressed the heartbreaks and love stories he experienced when he was not yet so famous in his own way. Through Da Storm is one of the popular Polo G romantic songs.


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In 2019, in the song he released under the name 33, Polo G expressed the love stories in his street life in a harsh way with his original verses. Like many songs in this album, 33 is among the popular Polo G love songs. His storytelling skills are at the forefront in this song.

Black Hearted

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The song Black Hearted, which has such an ironic title, is a rap song by Polo G, which is rarely listened to but loved by those who listen to it. Thanks to the atmosphere in the song, emotions are felt very intensely while listening to the song. In addition, the theme of the stories he tells with love has made this song one of the unforgettable Polo G love songs.

Beautiful Pain

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Beautiful Pain, one of the most poetic song titles, is a summary of Polo G’s music style. Polo G has proven himself in the rap market with this song, which touches on various topics from love to mental health. It would be impossible not to remember a rap song with a beautiful name like Beautiful Pain among Polo G love songs. If you want a melancholic but angry song in your playlist, Beautiful Pain will be the right answer.

Deep Wounds

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Polo G is recognized for his emotionally charged and authentic lyrics. He often addresses themes such as poverty, violence, mental health, and the struggles of urban life. His music blends drill influences with melodic elements, creating a distinctive sound.

Polo G gained widespread attention with his breakthrough single “Finer Things” in 2018. His debut studio album, “Die a Legend,” was released in 2019 and received critical acclaim for its honesty and storytelling. One of these tracks is Deep Wounds. Even though this track is relatively new, it has had over 45 million views.

Last Strike

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Polo G is regarded as a key figure in the new wave of Chicago rap. His impact extends beyond the Midwest, contributing to the evolution of contemporary rap music. Polo G has released successful projects like “Die a Legend,” “The Goat” (2020), and “Hall of Fame” (2021). These albums showcase his growth as an artist and his ability to connect with listeners. With more than 10 million streams, Last Strike is one of the most popular Polo G love songs from his first album.

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