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American rapper Lil Durk is one of the most popular artists of recent years. He usually produces melodic rap songs with melancholic lyrics. He has reached a wide audience on digital music platforms. The famous rapper also has a number of hip-hop songs that use the theme of love, like the Lil Wayne love songs list. As with Mac Miller love songs, but from a different genre, here are some of the most loved Lil Durk love songs:

All Love

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Released in 2021, All Love is one of the best examples of Lil Durk love songs. With this song, Lil Durk has also achieved commercial success by reaching more than 110 million listens. All Love is a song in which he combines his unique rap style with emotional melody.

Like Me (Feat. Jeremih)

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Lil Durk released the song Like Me in 2015 with the famous artist Jeremih. Like the other songs on the Remember My Name album, it is seen that R&B and hip hop elements are successfully combined with Lil Durk’s style. Like Me is among the most listened Lil Durk love songs with more than 50 million streams.


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Lil Durk is generally producing melancholic rap songs with catchy melodies. One of such songs by the successful rapper is India. India was released in 2019. In this song, Lil Durk expresses the memories of an old romantic relationship with his unique lyrics. India is among the most popular Lil Durk love songs. If you want to have a melancholic Lil Durk song in your playlist, you should listen to India.


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Lil Durk released the song Skrubs in 2019. The song is among the most high-energy Lil Durk love songs. Lil Durk describes the difficulties in his personal life and career, using the theme of love from time to time.

No Label

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In 2021, Lil Durk released his popular album The Voice of the Heroes. One of the most prominent songs of this album is No Label. The song talks about both the stories of Lil Durk’s career and his heartbreaks about love. It is one of the most assertive lyrics among Lil Durk love songs.

Internet Sensation

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Lil Durk satirized the effects of social media and the internet on our love lives with his own unique style in his song Internet Sensation. It is one of the most original ones among Lil Durk love songs. In 2020, while the whole world increased their contact with the internet under pandemic conditions, Lil Durk objected to this with the song Internet Sensation.

Prada You

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Popular rappers of the last period mention popular brands such as Gucci and Prada to make their lives seem richer and more successful. Lil Durk ironically presents this attitude in his song Prada You. It is among the most original and high-energy Lil Durk love songs.

Broke Up In Miami

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Among Lil Durk romantic songs, some may have a higher dose of romance. Broke Up In Miami is among these songs thanks to its title and lyrics. Describing a relationship that ended in Miami, Lil Durk expresses the pain of a big breakup with rap and hip-hop components in this romantic song.

Love Songs 4 The Streets

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Love Songs 4 The Streets is one of the Lil Durk love songs with the longest title. The song can be a rap ballad in any genre. Especially Lil Durk’s lyric writing skills are very evident while listening to the song. It is a song where the good and bad sides of romantic relationships are felt.

India Pt. 3

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Although Lil Durk is only in his 30s, he has been able to reach millions of listeners and thousands of fans with many of his songs. He has managed to become one of the favorite names in the rap industry, especially with his honest love-themed lyrics and his own original melodies. One of the songs behind this success is India Pt.3. In this song, Lil Durk expresses the lessons he has taken from broken relationships. It is one of the latest Lil Durk love songs.


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We continue with one of the newest songs on our list, AHHH HA. Lil Durk is known for his fun and flashy music videos. The video he released for the song AHHH HA in 2022 also carries the same Lil Durk energy. Although this hip hop song does not contain a direct love theme, it can be mentioned among Lil Durk Love Songs.

This song is remembered for its verses: “They really don’t mean it, he say it in songs (yeah, mean it, say it in songs) They really don’t mean it, he play it in songs (bitch, yeah)”

When We Shoot

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In his song When We Shoot, released in 2020, Lil Durk describes the ghetto spirit and the neighborhood where he spent his youth. At this age, Lil Durk was living a more innocent life and had purer love stories. In his song When We Shoot, he remembers these years nostalgically and expresses them with the harshest verses. When We Shoot is a track that reflects Lil Durk’s recent style very well. We recommend adding it to your playlists.

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