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Jarad Anthony Higgins, who produced popular rap songs with the name Juice Wrld, passed away when he was only 21 years old. His albums, in which he combined the hip-hop genre with other genres very well, were loved by his fans. He often used themes such as death, suicide and drug addiction in his songs. He died in 2019 due to overdose drug use. In his short professional music career, he produced songs on different topics. Here are some popular Juice Wrld love songs:

Scared Of Love

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Juice Wrld released an album called Death Race for Love in 2019. One of the popular songs of this album was Scared of Love. In this song, Juice Wrld, who was afraid of love and dealt with the bad sides of relationships, became one of the unforgettable Juice Wrld love songs with the song Scared of Love. The lyrics from this song like “I never been scared of love, scared to love. I’m on the drugs, way too much. I’m not enough, not enough”, are  quite ironic and sad that he died due to drugs.

Hear Me Calling

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Hear Me Calling was one of the songs from his dramatic atmospheric album Death Race for Love, one of the last products of his music career. In this song, American rapper Juice Wrld expressed a former relationship and his pain with poetic expressions. Hear Me Calling is among the most popular Juice Wrld romantic songs.

Black & White

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Forever Love

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Chinese singer Wang Yibo released his song Forever Love to commemorate Juice Wrld in 2020. The subject of the song, which can be considered a pop ballad, was love. Although Forever Love was released after the death of the artist,it is one of the Juice Wrld love songs. The fact that the young rapper, who expresses in his songs that he will end up dying from drugs, actually dies in this way turns his songs into works of art.

Lucid Dreams

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After the death of the young rapper, an album called Legends Never Die was released. This album included the singer’s unfinished songs. One of the favorite songs of the album, which also included studio work, was Righteous. In this song, Juice Wrld talks about his troubles with drug addiction. It is one of the most impressive Juice Wrld love songs.


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Wishing Well

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Released in 2020 after his death, Wishing Well is one of Juice Wrld’s most popular songs and is part of the Legends Never Die album. In this song, where the singer shows one of the best examples of the rap genre, he expresses his personal difficulties in a poetic language. Wishing Well is definitely one of the most original Juice Wrld love songs.


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Juice Wrld was very fond of the famous rapper XXXTentacion. They also met in their personal lives. In 2018, after his death, she released the song Sad and dedicated it to him. The song touches on a wide range of topics, from depression to suicide to love, but the common theme is sadness. Sad is one of the Juice Wrld love songs with the most dramatic atmosphere. If you love the listen sad songs, you can check juice wrld sad songs list.

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