Saddest Lana Del Rey Songs

Lana Del Rey is the popular creator of the most beloved melancholy songs. Saddest Lana Del Rey songs have a unique style with their touching lyrics and melancholic atmosphere. It is listened to by millions on digital music platforms.

We have compiled for you the most popular and saddest songs from her albums released in different years.

Lana Del Rey has released a number of hit songs that young women can identify with. We will take a closer look at these songs that thousands of people sing by heart at their concerts. Lana Del Rey, known for her sad and melancholic songs, increases the dose of sadness in some of her songs. Here are some examples:

Video Games

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Video Games is one of the sad Lana Del Rey songs that first comes to mind. Video Games, one of the most iconic songs from the album Born to Die, contains themes such as relationships and separation.

The sadness of the artist’s past relationships is presented in an emotional atmosphere. It became very popular with its music video and is still listened to by millions of people.

Summertime Sadness

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Summertime Sadness has become one of the most popular songs not only in our saddest Lana Del Rey songs list, but in the entire music history. Lana Del Rey released this cult song in 2012.

When the lyrics of the song are listened to more carefully, the love experienced during summer holidays and the emotions related to it are presented delicately.

With nearly 500 million streams, it is considered one of the most successful songs in the history of pop music. There is no one who hasn’t heard the phrase “I got that summertime, summertime sadness” in its chorus.

Born to Die

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The song Born to Die, which gave its name to the album she released in 2012, is one of the most popular examples of saddest Lana Del Rey songs. Born To Die, which deals with dark themes such as life and death, is one of the tracks that best reflects Lana Del Rey’s style.

Born To Die is quite impressive with Lana Del Rey’s steamy vocals and touching lyrics.


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The song Ride, which successfully reflects the strong female figure, also has a dark and sad theme. Lana Del Rey songs are generally remembered for their sad atmosphere and Lana Del Rey’s unique vocals. The song Ride is one of them. It is among the most popular and saddest Lana Del Rey songs.

Shades of Cool

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One of the most popular songs from the album Ultraviolence, released in 2014, is Shades of Cool. The song heavily contains themes of love and sadness, like other Lana Del Rey songs. When you listen to the lyrics of the song more carefully, you may not be able to stop your eyes from getting wet.


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Lana Del Rey describes toxic relationships and the damage women suffer from these relationships in her song Ultraviolence. Ultraviolence is considered among the most popular and saddest Lana Del Rey songs.

It is remembered for its sad melody. We wouldn’t be wrong if we say that Lana Del Rey’s vocals are quite impressive in this song.

Black Beauty

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Lana Del Rey, who has a unique musical style, proved her talent with her song Black Beauty. The lyrics have a poetic transfer. While listening to the song, you will realize that Black Beauty is one of the most touching and saddest examples of Lana Del Rey songs. The irony and poetry in its name can also be felt in the lyrics of the song.

Old Money

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It is a very sad experience to think about the fast passing time and the happy relationships in the past with Lana Del Rey’s perfect lyrics. You will experience this while listening to the song Old Money. This cult Lana Del Rey song, released in 2014, is remembered for its sad atmosphere.

Old Money starts with very original lyrics as follows:

“Blue hydrangea, cold cash divine
Cashmere, cologne, and white sunshine”

The Blackest Day

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Sometimes things don’t go well, and in such cases we may want to listen to sadder songs. The Blackest Day track is very suitable for such moments. With Lana Del Rey’s unique vocals and melancholic melody, the Blackest Day, as its name suggests, should be counted among the saddest Lana Del Rey songs.

Terrence Loves You

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The last song on your list comes from the Honeymoon album. The song Terrence Loves You, released in 2015, is one of the most popular among the saddest Lana Del Rey songs.

When the lyrics of the song are listened to more carefully within the melancholic atmosphere of the song, it will be noticed that it is on the theme of separation. With nearly 15 million streams, it can be counted among the successful Lana Del Rey songs.

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