Saddest Billie Eilish Songs

One of the young musicians with the highest number of listeners of recent times is Billie Eilish. Billie Eilish has been very successful with her impressive vocals and original songs. His music videos were very popular and his songs influenced millions of people.

There is also an intense theme of sadness in many of this young singer’s songs. We have compiled examples of the saddest Billie Eilish songs released by Billie Eilish in different years for you:

Listen Before I Go

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The song Listen Before I Go is at the top of the sad Billie Eilish songs list. Listen Before I Go was one of the most popular hits from the album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go, which was released in 2019. The lyrics of the song contain themes such as struggles with mental problems. The song is quite melancholic with impressive vocals accompanying the piano.

When the Party’s Over

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One of the most popular and saddest Billie Eilish songs is When the Party’s Over. The song was published in 2019. Billie Eilish has conveyed the feelings of reality and pain felt after the end of relationships with great talent in her own unique style. Especially the lyrics of the song When the Party’s Over convey the tragedy with impressive irony.

I love you

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One of the Billie Eilish songs with the most emotional lyrics is “i love you”. In this piece, the young musician performs music with his brother. While her brother plays the piano and guitar instruments, Billie Eilish sings this emotional piece.

It should definitely be remembered among the saddest Billie Eilish songs. It will be a very suitable piece for times when you are experiencing love pain.


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Although this song is not as popular as other Billie Eilish songs, it is loved by the fans of the young musician. In the song, the young singer honestly explains her feelings for her partner after the breakup. Today, Billie Eilish organizes live performances in almost all cities, following her great popularity.

One of the songs he performs most frequently in these concerts is Goodbye. It should be remembered among the saddest Billie Eilish songs.

Bury a Friend

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Bury a Friend can be considered not only among the saddest Billie Eilish songs but also among the most popular Billie Eilish songs. It is quite impressive with its lyrics focusing on the theme of loneliness and its melancholic melody.

Billie Eilish has created a unique style in a short time with her songs such as Burry a Friend. Especially Billie Eilish’s superior vocal skills are felt intensely in this song. Bury a Friend will change the energy of playlists.

ocean eyes

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Ocean Eyes is one of Billie Eilish’s most popular songs. Billie Eilish is a blue-eyed singer. That’s why the name of this piece is ironic. However, when you look at the lyrics of the song and examine its vocal style more carefully, it is quickly realized that it is a melancholic song. This song, released in 2015, is among the saddest Billie Eilish songs.

Wish You Were Gay

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With its ironic lyrics written for an impossible love, Wish You Were Gay seems like a funny song title, but it is actually one of the saddest Billie Eilish songs. The song Wish You Were Gay, published in 2019, is a satire written by Billie Eilish for the problematic characters in her relationships.

It is favored by the chorus “I just wanna make you feel okay But all you do is look the other way I can’t tell you how much I wish I didn’t wanna stay I just kinda wish you were gay”.

My Future

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Containing themes such as inner journeys and overcoming mental problems, My Future is an honest song in which Billie Eilish talks about the difficulties in her career.

Even though it is one of the least known among the saddest Billie Eilish songs, we recommend you to listen to this song. It can be said that it is especially suitable for your sensitive moods where you need motivation.

No Time to Die

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No Time to Die is the name of the new James Bond movie series released in recent years. Billie Eilish sings the song released for the movie. The song No Time to Die, which has received great acclaim on digital music platforms, is the newest among the saddest Billie Eilish songs. Its black and white music clip is also liked by many.

Your Power

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Among the saddest Billie Eilish songs released in recent years, the song Your Power should also be mentioned. This song, which tells that women can be stronger when they want, contains motivational lyrics about being stronger in life and relationships. However, this does not change that it has a very sad vibe along with its musical background.

everything i wanted

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Here is another example of saddest billie eilish songs. “everything i wanted” is a standalone single released by Billie Eilish on November 13, 2019, outside of any particular album. Its release marked a turning point in her career as the song swiftly garnered attention for its haunting melody and introspective lyrics. The track delves deep into the pressures and challenges that come with unexpected fame. Eilish reflects on the darker aspects of success, offering a raw and vulnerable insight into her struggles with mental health and the unexpected toll that rapid fame took on her well-being.

Six Feet Under

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“Six Feet Under” is a haunting track from Billie Eilish’s debut EP, “Don’t Smile at Me,” which premiered on August 11, 2017. In this earlier release, Eilish captivates listeners with her atmospheric production and emotive vocals. The song lyrically paints a picture of emotional turmoil within a relationship, evoking imagery of being buried or six feet under due to the pain inflicted by someone else’s actions.

It presents a darker side of love and explores themes of betrayal and hurt, embodying the aftermath of a fractured connection. Through haunting melodies and poignant lyrics, “Six Feet Under” encapsulates the distressing fallout from a toxic relationship, showcasing Eilish’s early prowess in crafting emotionally resonant music.

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