Saddest The Beatles Songs

Have you ever thought about some saddest The Beatles songs? The Beatles may be best known for their upbeat music, but they also crafted some more solemn pieces such as Eleanor Rigby from their 1966 album Revolver that capture the loneliness and pain felt by two isolated people.

It tells a powerful tale about how things can alter when we allow someone new into our lives. Here are the most popular examples from different genres with saddest The Beatles songs:

In My Life

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In My Life should be among the most successful and saddest The Beatles songs. This Beatles classic is an emotional song about longing for what once was and missing loved ones who are no longer with us. With its melancholic tune and poignant lyrics, this tune can both touch upon nostalgia while remaining emotively poignant.

With its heartfelt melody and lyrics, this tune will undoubtedly elicit tears of emotion from any listener; its powerful message demonstrates just how far music can reach into our lives and impact us beyond imagination.

The Long and Winding Road

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The Long and Winding Road is a striking example for our list. A stunning ballad, this song by The Beatles serves as a heartfelt reminder that every path can lead to something good. With its simple melody and lyrics, everyone can relate to this timeless ballad.

This haunting track by Lennon-McCartney depicts two lonely lives through melancholic strings and Lennon’s voice, creating an emotive environment which compels listeners to empathize with Eleanor Rigby and Father McKenzie as protagonists. This unique song should definitely be on our list of saddest The Beatles songs.

The Night Before

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The Night Before should be listened to all the time! Although The Beatles are best-known for their cheerful tunes, they also released songs that could bring tears. One such tune was “She’s Leaving Home,” which tells of a young woman running away from home and never coming back again.

This song evokes feelings of helplessness and loneliness; demonstrating their ability to touch upon human emotions with their empathetic music. You can’t skip this song among the saddest The Beatles songs.

I Want to Hold Your Hand

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This track is a must-have track on our list of saddest The Beatles songs. The song’s haunting lyrics tell the tale of two lonely characters: Eleanor Rigby, a spinster; and Father McKenzie, an isolated priest.

With its melancholic strings and Lennon’s emotive vocals, “All That You Are” causes listeners to empathize with these individuals while grieving for them all at the same time; making this piece one that each listener can find their own personal meaning within.

A Hard Day’s Night

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The Beatles music has touched countless lives and their legacy will always be revered. While most songs by this legendary band feature joyful themes, some contain sad notes – this track about an abusive partner being kept around is one such track.

Children can discuss A Hard Day’s Night with their families as an excellent example of a film which shows.

Let It Be

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Here is one of the most popular The Beatles songs: Let It Be. When we think of sad Beatles songs, this one stands out. Not only is it about lost love but it encourages you to move on as well – an incredible song that will help get through any tough situation in life.

Song that explores Eleanor Rigby and Father McKenzie’s lonely lives. Lyrical content creates a feeling of sadness within listeners while an emotive string arrangement awakens empathy towards both characters. This unforgettable track is one of the most original and saddest The Beatles songs.

Another Day

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One of The Beatles’ most heartbreaking tracks, this timeless classic conveys feelings of sorrow and loss as we reflect upon those who have had such an influence in our lives; those whom have made an impressionful mark and may soon no longer be with us.

George Harrison wrote this song as an expression of life’s challenges, drawing inspiration from long, cold winters in England that felt like “the end of a world”. The simple, melancholic tune perfectly captures that feeling; making this the ideal sad Beatles tune and fitting accompaniment for funeral services.

Early Days

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One can easily assume that The Beatles were nothing more than a group of mop-top boys who wrote catchy bubble gum tunes before evolving into spiritualists; but in truth they also created some profoundly moving songs.

Early Days epitomizes the melancholy essence that the Beatles are famous for, with its haunting melody and introspective lyrics capturing that distinct melancholy essence. A reflection on lost love, nostalgia and its accompanying sense of loss; one of their most poignant songs. Boasting an aching string section and soothing vocal melodies this song will have you bawling your eyes out.


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George Harrison’s song captures the weariness and heartbreak felt by many with its haunting lyrics and powerful guitar solo by Eric Clapton – making it one of The Beatles sad songs that stands out.

Paul McCartney wrote Blackbird as an allegory for America’s Civil Rights struggle during the 60s. While its true meaning remains disputed by fans and scholars alike, its impactful message has left many feeling profoundly saddened. It has managed to become one of the most popular and saddest The Beatles songs.


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Misery may appear to belong in the category of pointless Beatles songs; its bouncy George Martin piano solo and nonsensical lyrics might make you shrug it off as meaningless; yet something about its melodic structure pulls at your attention.

The simple melody and emotive delivery create a heartfelt atmosphere, full of nostalgia and longing for days gone by, that speaks volumes about The Beatles’ trademark melancholy style – making this timeless classic truly iconic. This track is a must-have track on our list of saddest The Beatles songs.


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Found in the Beatles’ eponymous album, commonly known as the White Album, “Julia” was penned by John Lennon in 1968 as a heartfelt homage to his late mother, Julia Lennon. The song resonates with poignant introspection, reflecting Lennon’s emotional journey and sense of longing for the mother he lost during his teenage years.

Laden with intimate and personal lyrics such as “Half of what I say is meaningless / But I say it just to reach you, Julia,” the acoustic melody and dreamy atmosphere paint a picture of wistfulness, encapsulating Lennon’s yearning to connect with his departed mother.

For No One

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Here is another great example of the saddest The Beatles songs. Featured in the 1966 album “Revolver,” “For No One” was composed by Paul McCartney. The song delicately delves into the aftermath of a relationship’s demise, capturing the emotional aftermath of heartbreak. Its poignant lyrics vividly illustrate the emotional detachment and loneliness that follow the end of a romantic connection.

Lines like “Your day breaks, your mind aches / You find that all her words of kindness linger on when she no longer needs you” convey the stark reality of fading affection and the accompanying feelings of solitude.


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Hailing from the 1965 album “Help!,” “Yesterday” stands as one of Paul McCartney’s most iconic compositions. This timeless ballad encapsulates the universal themes of nostalgia and regret. McCartney’s soulful lyrics, paired with a simple yet beautiful melody, evoke a sense of longing for the past and a yearning for moments that have slipped away.

Lines such as “Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away / Now it looks as though they’re here to stay” resonate deeply, expressing a sentiment shared by many who reflect on lost innocence and bygone times.

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