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If you are trying to find Linkin Park love songs, you may want to keep reading this post. Because we have ten amazing suggestions here that can definitely be worth checking out. Linkin Park is one of the most well-known alternative rock and nu metal bands in the world, and it was especially popular during the 2000s. Although the band has lots of beautiful songs to listen to, not a lot of them are about love and romance, but mostly about topics like alienation, depression, self harm and so on… However the few love songs that the band has are quite emotional and meaningful. Now if you are ready, let’s start checking out some of them!

In The End

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Let’s start our list with one of the most popular songs by the successful band: “In The End”. This iconic Linkin Park song is one of the most well-known tracks in the nu metal genre. Despite its soft and simple style, the song manages to be quite intense. While there are numerous interpretations of the song, just like many other Linkin Park songs, there’s a good chance that it can be about a relationship that didn’t work out, in spite of all the effort.

With You

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There are very few Linkin Park songs about love and the ones that the band has tend to be quite pessimistic about affection. So there aren’t a lot of romantic Linkin Park songs but the one that they have, “With You”, is definitely an amazing one. Even though the song’s lyrics are about love, it has an intense melody which reflects Linkin Park’s usual style. The song is about still wanting to make things work in a relationship, even after the other person has given up.

Valentine’s Day

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Another Linkin Park song about love, or to be more accurate, about the lack of love, is “Valentine’s Day”. Loving someone and being loved are definitely among of the best feelings in the world. And the importance of love can sometimes be understood more clearly when we lack this feeling. This song is about lacking love in one’s life, as well as about losing someone important and feelings lonely.

Pushing Me Away

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There are only a few Linkin Park love songs and they mostly have a negative outlook on this topic, and a sorrowful theme. “Pushing Me Away” is one of the examples of this and it is a song that has the typical Linkin Park sound. It is a song about a relationship that is falling apart because of lies and emotional abuse.

In Pieces

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“In Pieces” is another one of the love songs of the band that has a sad topic and it is about a failing relationship. Throughout the song there is a simple beat and with the addition of the guitars later on, the melody becomes more and more intense. The lyrics of the song discuss the unwillingness of a partner to be clear in their love, which leads to the relationship falling apart.

The Final Masquerade

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“The Final Masquerade” is another one of the Linkin Park love songs that are about a breakup. The song’s melody has the usual Linkin Park style but it is even more emotional and downhearted. In the lyrics of the song, a couple that hide secrets from each other and eventually end up one step away from their relationship ending is discussed.

Lying From You

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While a lot of Linkin Park songs have an angry tone, this track is even angrier than usual. “Lying From You” has a very intense and aggressive melody and it is a song about lying and being inauthentic in order to get someone’s love and attention.

The Messenger

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As there are not many Linkin Park songs about love that have a positive vibe and perspective, it can be quite difficult to find Linkin Park wedding songs. But among the band’s songs, “The Messenger” can be a great candidate for this. Because it is a song about the empowering side of love.

Leave Out All The Rest

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If you like a melody that goes from soft to intense and back again, “Leave Out All The Rest” can be a nice song for you to listen to. It is a song about wanting to be loved and remembered for good things that one has done, and wanting to be forgiven for the bad.


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Here’s another one among Linkin Park love songs that can have multiple interpretations. “Numb” is a very popular song by the band and it can have many meanings. One possibility is that it can be about being in a destructive relationship and feeling emotionally detached because of it.

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