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For your romantic occasions, you may be trying to find the best Queen love songs. If that is the case, we have lots of amazing suggestions for you here. The famous and iconic rock band from London, Queen, is known for its hits like “We Will Rock You”. Nonetheless, as a band that has been active for many years, they produced songs with various themes, such as love. If you are ready to explore the top love songs by Queen, let’s begin!

I Was Born To Love You

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As a wonderful Queen song, “I Was Born To Love You” has an upbeat melody and a powerful beat to support it. Although the song can be considered too ostentatious for a love song, it is passionate and engaging. While it may not be suitable for romantic occasions, it can be amazing for expressing your love to your partner. Because this song’s lyrics express romantic love in a very simple and highly visceral manner.

Somebody To Love

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Compared to “I Was Born To Love You”, this song has a tamer vibe and a softer melody. However, a beautiful groove is still there and it is a pleasant song to listen to. The song is basically about wanting someone to love. It also touches upon subjects like feeling lonely and stuck without a loving relationship. So if you are at the stage of your life where you are trying to find love, consider checking out this song.

Let Me In Your Heart Again

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Have you ever felt like you finally found the right person but lost them at some point? Well, this one among the best Queen love songs may help you articulate your feelings about this. “Let Me In Your Heart Again” by Queen is about losing love and wanting to regain it. If you feel that there is still a chance with your ex, how about sending them this song?

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

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Loving and being loved are both amazing experiences, without a doubt. However, love can definitely feel like a crazy experience from time to time. It can be difficult to see where a relationship is going, and loving can feel chaotic. For when you feel like that, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” can be the song to listen to. With its exciting melody and lighthearted lyrics, this song can cheer you up.

You Take My Breath Away

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With its slow and epic sound, “You Take My Breath Away” is definitely among the top Queen romantic songs. While many of the other songs here have rather fast tempos, this one can fit the romantic vibe better with its lovey-dovey and dreamy melody. Are you struggling to express how deeply and passionately you love your partner? Try listening to this song together…

Funny How Love Is

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Another love song by Queen with a cheerful melody, “Funny How Love Is” can be a nice track to listen to. While it seems to have a lighthearted vibe, its lyrics explore love in a deep way. It prompts us to look at love from many perspectives, allowing us to understand its numerous positive aspects and remember that love can break one’s heart easily.

Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy

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The song’s wonderful melody and Mercury’s sweet voice make this song an amazing one to listen to. “Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy” is one of the lighthearted and fun Queen love songs. It has a gentle, charming and cheerful sound that can give you a jolly feeling. This song’s lyrics discuss a smooth and suave guy who isn’t afraid to go the extra mile for love.

The Millionaire Waltz

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Finally getting the chance to spend a whole life with one’s partner is definitely one of the happiest experiences in life, and one that many of us aspire to have. Marrying the love of your life can make you feel like you are on top of the world. “The Millionaire Waltz” is a cheerful song about feeling happily in love and it is one of the wonderful Queen wedding songs.

Love Of My Life

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Although love is an amazing experience, it can lead to serious heartbreaks. Breaking up is definitely one of the most heartbreaking parts of love, if not the most heartbreaking one. This love song by Queen explores this part of a relationship and how hard it is to deal with it. The lyrics are written from the point of view of someone who is trying to save their ending relationship.

Seaside Rendezvous

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This short, sweet and cheerful track is another one of the top Queen love songs to listen to. It is a jolly and romantic song about a fun date. With its upbeat melody “Seaside Rendezvous” can be an awesome dance song.


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We can remember this track when we consider the best Queen love songs today. “Nevermore” by legendary band, which is from their album “Queen II,” released in 1974. “Nevermore” is a hauntingly beautiful and atmospheric song featuring soft, melodic vocals by Freddie Mercury. The track stands out for its intricate harmonies and mystical ambiance, often incorporating elements of fantasy and storytelling that were characteristic of Queen’s early albums.

It’s a lesser-known track compared to some of their big hits but is appreciated by fans for its unique style and the band’s ability to experiment with different musical genres and themes.

One Year of Love

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Here is another example on our list.”One Year of Love” is a song by Queen from their album “A Kind of Magic,” released in 1986. It’s a romantic ballad featuring the soulful vocals of Freddie Mercury. The track has a smooth, R&B-influenced sound and is known for its heartfelt lyrics that express feelings of love and longing. “One Year of Love” differs from some of Queen’s more rock-oriented songs and showcases their ability to create diverse music across various genres.

While it might not be as widely recognized as some of their major hits, it remains a favorite among fans who appreciate its emotional depth and Mercury’s powerful vocal delivery.

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