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Do you want to listen to some amazing David Bowie love songs? Then you may want to keep reading. Because on this post, we have a list of some of the best love songs by David Bowie. As one of the most well-known musicians of the 70s and the 80s, Bowie had numerous popular songs. Along with dark themes such as loneliness and loss, the famous singer also wrote lots of songs that revolve around love.

Wild Is the Wind

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We are going to start out this list with “Wild Is the Wind”, which is among the well-liked songs of Bowie. There are many approaches to the theme of love, from a sorrowful outlook to positive and playful ones. In this lyrics of this song, Davin Bowie touches upon the passionate side of love. This song is about how love can make someone feel alive in the chaos of life.

Modern Love

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“Modern Love” is another one among the popular David Bowie love songs to listen to. The song starts in an upbeat way, with a beat that focuses on drums. As we go further, more instruments are incorporated in order to create a rich and energetic melody. While it can be comforting, love is also a crazy thing and in this song, Bowie discusses this side of affection. In “Modern Love”, love is portrayed as something that is both terrifying and fun.

Be My Wife

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While some love songs have a slow and romantic tune, some of them immerse the listener with their upbeat melody. This song by David Bowie, on the other hand, is somewhere in the middle. What is distinctive about its melody is that it is simple, stable and groovy. One of the greatest David Bowie romantic songs , “Be My Wife”, is about wanting to settle down with someone, after feeling lonely and stuck, despite a very colorful life.

As the World Falls Down

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There are lots of love songs by Bowie, some of them are about the wild side of love and some of them take a passionate and loving approach to this topic. But this song, “As the World Falls Down” has a sorrowful theme. It starts with a dreamy and slow melody, which we hear for most of the song, aside from a heavier part as we get close to the end. The song is about being fooled in love and carrying this like a burden later.

Letter to Hermione

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This song by Bowie has a simple melody but as it is a very personal track to the singer, its focus is mainly its lyrics. The song is about a love interest that Bowie actually had and he expresses his feelings to her in this song. In “Letter to Hermione” he talks about his love for her, not knowing what to do and feeling sorrowful about their ended relationship.

Rock ‘n’ Roll with Me

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Another one of the well-known David Bowie love songs is “Rock ‘n’ Roll with Me”, which has a slow but powerful melody and intense lyrics. The song’s melody was constructed with a wonderful ensemble of bass, guitar, organ, drums and piano. And the song’s lyrics are about feeling so much attraction towards someone that not even thinking about being with someone else.

The Wedding Song

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If you are looking for David Bowie wedding songs , this one can be an amazing option, as its name suggests. “The Wedding Song” by Bowie has a dreamy and slow melody that can be great for a wedding. Moreover, the lyrics of the song are about a beautiful woman and a man enchanted by her beauty, wanting to be with her for life.

Lady Grinning Soul

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Along with its slow yet intense melody, “Lady Grinning Soul” is one of the amazing Bowie songs with its lyrics. It is another song about a love interest of the singer. In this song, Bowie discusses the passion he had for her, as well as her charm and her unexpected behaviour.


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“Heroes”, one of the popular love songs by David Bowie, is a song with a powerful alt rock melody and intense lyrics about a dangerous relationship that won’t last. In the lyrics, Bowie talks about a hopeless relationship, starting with an empowering tone and ending with a rather hopeless one.

Fill Your Heart

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“Fill Your Heart” is one of the old David Bowie love songs and it has a simple, groovy and jolly melody. The lyrics of the song are about letting go of the past and feeling in love, free and fearless. For those who want to listen to a fun and lighthearted love song to feel more positive, this track can be amazing.

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