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Have you been trying to find the best Arctic Monkeys love songs? If that is the case, you can take a look at the amazing suggestions we have here. Arctic Monkeys is a successful indie rock band with millions of fans all around the world. While many of their songs explore themes such as loneliness and nostalgia, Arctic Monkeys has lots of love songs as well. Combined with their dynamic and unique sound, their songs have a very passionate vibe to them.

Arctic Monkeys – Love is a Laserquest

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Beginning with a slow yet powerful drum beat, “Love is a Laserquest” fills the listener with anticipation. With a simple guitar melody and a short but sweet solo part, the song is devoid of the aggressive style that numerous other Arctic Monkeys’ songs possess. Yet with its powerful and meaningful lyrics, it manages to be an intense song. The song explores the feelings of yearning for a long-lost lover and pretending to be affected less intensely from the breakup.

Arctic Monkeys – The Bakery

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Another one of the wonderful Arctic Monkeys love songs is “The Bakery”. The song has a rather energetic and lively vibe. At the same time, its melody is an off-beat and unique one. However, even though the song sounds cheerful, its lyrics explore a bittersweet outlook on love. Its lyrics are about feeling exhausted from too many romantic prospects and wanting to have a mundane and normal relationship, instead of a musician’s love life.

Arctic Monkeys – Baby I’m Yours

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This beautiful song by Arctic Monkeys has a slow yet cheerful and upbeat vibe. Offering a wonderful combination of a jolly melody and meaningful lyrics, “Baby I’m Yours” is one of the best Arctic Monkeys wedding songs to know about. Although many of the band’s other songs about love explore painful themes, this is a down-to-earth and positive love song. It is about promising to be together until the very end, which makes the song very fitting for a wedding.

Arctic Monkeys – Do I Wanna Know?

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A true rock song, “Do I Wanna Know?” has a powerful beat and an energetic melody which easily captivates the listener. It is one of the most popular Arctic Monkeys songs, if not the most popular. While the song has a confident and potent vibe, its lyrics explore the feelings of a highly insecure partner. This well-known Arctic Monkeys song explores the feeling of doubt regarding one’s partner’s feelings about the relationship.

Arctic Monkeys – Cornerstone

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“Cornerstone” is another one of the best Arctic Monkeys love songs to listen to. It is another love song by the band that discusses a sorrowful theme. The song’s lyrics are about a man who is unable to forget about a former partner seeing her look-alikes in multiple places. Moreover, the song features an off-beat sound and a basic yet emotional guitar solo.

Arctic Monkeys – I Wanna Be Yours

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“I Wanna Be Yours” is another one of the top Arctic Monkeys romantic songs to check out. Along with being a passionate love song, it is one of the most popular Arctic Monkeys tunes. With its slow melody and an iconic chorus part, the song is very pleasing to listen to. Its lyrics delve into the desire to belong to one’s partner.

Arctic Monkeys – Reckless Serenade

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Love can make people empowered, yet it can sometimes be a magical and immobilizing experience. This song is about a very attractive woman who made Alex Turner feel hypnotized with her beauty. It has a rather silly and lighthearted theme, as well as a basic and easy listening melody which is very fitting. Compared to many of the other love songs by the band, this one offers a breath of fresh air from all those sad themes.

Arctic Monkeys – She’s Thunderstorms

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“She’s Thunderstorms” is an amazing track among Arctic Monkeys love songs that explores an exciting theme. The song has an upbeat composition which starts with a somewhat exotic melody. It discusses the beginning of a relationship, where the new partner changes the person’s slow-paced life and provides an exhilerating kind of excitement.

Arctic Monkeys – R U Mine?

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A lot of love songs by Arctic Monkeys discuss the idea of belonging to or possessing one’s partner. This track is another one of these songs and it is about being under one’s partner’s control and desperately wanting love. Despite its theme exploring an insecure behavior “R U Mine?” has a powerful and energetic beat.

Arctic Monkeys – 505

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“505” is another one of the top Arctic Monkeys love songs to listen to. The lyrics of the song are about going to a specific place with a desperate but hopeless desire to see a former partner. While the song gets more energetic around the solo part, the beginning of the track is slow, mesmerizing and almost dreamy.

Arctic Monkeys – Suck It and See

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We can continue with Suck It and See.This track is the title track from the fourth studio album by the British rock band Arctic Monkeys, released in 2011. The song also serves as the opening track of the album.

The title “Suck It and See” comes from a British colloquialism, meaning to try something out and see how it goes or tastes. In the context of the song and album, it reflects the band’s experimentation with different musical styles and sounds. The track itself is a melodic and nostalgic piece with reflective lyrics, showcasing the band’s evolving musical maturity at that point in their career.

Arctic Monkeys – Piledriver Waltz

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Here is another example of Arctic monkey love songs. “Piledriver Waltz ” is a song by the Arctic Monkeys. Originally, it was released as an acoustic version on the band’s 2009 EP “My Propeller.” Later, a reworked version of the song was included on their fourth studio album, “Suck It and See,” released in 2011.

The song “Piledriver Waltz” is known for its romantic and poetic lyrics, accompanied by a melodic tune. It’s a slower-paced track compared to some of the Arctic Monkeys’ more upbeat songs, featuring Alex Turner’s distinctive vocal style. The song’s emotional depth and storytelling make it a fan favorite from the band’s discography.

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