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Deftones, an alternative rock and metal band formed in America in the late 80s, is still listened to today with many of their songs. The successful band with Grammy awards has songs on many different topics. Deftones, which has a unique style among metal bands, is one of the most popular music producers of its period. They have also released many popular songs about love. Here are some favorite Deftones love songs:


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Released in 2010, Sextape is an example of the progressive rock genre and one of the most popular Deftones love songs. The song from the album Diamond Eyes has a hard musical background. There is a deep poetic expression in the lyrics of the song.  The sound of the waves appears as a literary texture used in the chorus. It’s a very harsh and chaotic song, even though it’s about love.


Beauty School

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Released in 2010, Beauty School, one of the most popular songs from their Diamond Eyes album, should be counted among Deftones love songs. Beauty School, which also attracted attention with its unique music video, also has an emotional vibe. The use of drums and electric guitar in the song is quite successful. It is still listened to fondly since the year it was released.

RX Queen

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Diamond Eyes

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Diamond Eyes by the famous rock band Deftones should be one of the best examples of Deftones love songs. The choice of distorted guitars gives the song the atmosphere of 80s rock albums. In the lyrics, we see that the pain of a love is described in a good language. Deftones, which is still listened to on digital music platforms today, combines emotional and weak lyrics with confident guitar riffs.


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Two years after the Diamond Eyes album, the song Tempest from the Koi No Yokan album was also highly acclaimed. Tempest, which Deftones released after a good production process, is one of the first songs that comes to mind when it comes to Deftones love songs. It has a different arrangement than a typical metal song. It contains psychedelic tones. The group’s songs are characterized by the unique talent of the vocalist.


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Romantic Dreams

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The 2012 album Koi No Yokan was well received by the music market and Romantic Dreams is one of the most popular Deftones Love songs. It is a unique song where the talent of their vocalist Chino Moreno is at the forefront. The band’s hard musical stance is combined with meaningful and poetic lyrics in this song.


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Mascara is a song from the late 90s when Deftones were more active. It is one of the memorable love songs of the “Around the Fur” album. It was released after a production process in which the band made harder and more energetic songs. It has become one of the favorite Deftones love songs. The American band has a large fan base not only in their home country but also in different countries around the world. They have achieved good sales figures with their albums in their time.

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