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Asia is a continent that has been home to countless nations with deep-rooted traditions. For this reason, numerous songs have lyrics about Asia. Here are some popular songs about Asia with examples of different genres from various musicians living in different countries around the world:

Murray Head – One Night In Bangkok

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Murray Head, as he is known, is actually an actor. The British actor starred in a musical called Chess in 1984. One of the most popular songs of this musical is One Night In Bangkok. Head, who plays the character named Freddie, sings this song in a very talented way. Using a chess player in Bangkok as a theme, this original song has become one of the songs about Asia with its lyrics and subject.

Alphaville – Big In Japan

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An example of the synth-pop genre, Big in Japan was released in 1984 by the German band Alphaville. When we listen carefully to the lyrics, we see that it expresses the feelings of someone who became famous in the country of Japan. The song has reached a large fan both in Europe and Asia.  It has become a classic among songs about Asia.

Kyu Sakamoto – Sukiyaki

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The famous Japanese singer Kyu Sakamoto released the song Sukiyaki in 1961. The song is one of the oldest songs about Asia. The lyrics are about a man alone eating a traditional Japanese dish called sukiyaki. This sentimental Japanese classic is still listened to today.

David Bowie – China Girl

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One of the most creative artists of all time, David Bowie is one of the most famous musicians to come out of the UK. In 1983, he released the song China Girl, which has been appreciated by the whole world. The song was produced in collaboration with famous musician Iggy Pop. Describing his love for a Chinese woman, David Bowie managed to stay on the charts for a long time with this song. The song of an icon artist like David Bowie should definitely be listed among songs about Asia.

Kim Wilde – Cambodia

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Kim Wilde was pursuing her music career in the 80s. The British artist released many songs in the genre called new wave. The song tells the story of a man trying to escape from a war-torn country. This is where the name Cambodia comes from. It had success in several different continents and was played on the radios of these countries. This classic work is included among songs about Asia as an example from the UK.

Grateful Dead – China Cat Sunflower

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The Grateful Dead, the legendary group that produced the most original songs among American rock bands, released their song China Cat Sunflower in 1968. When we examine the lyrics, we realize that they were inspired by a popular Chinese poem. This classic rock song is one of the first songs about Asia that comes to mind. Its emotional lyrics accompanying the guitar and drums in the song make the song unique.

Billy Joel – Goodnight Saigon

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This track is one of the most popular songs about asia. Joel’s heartfelt lyrics vividly capture the camaraderie, fear, and sacrifice that soldiers faced while serving in Vietnam. The song evokes the haunting memories of war, emphasizing the brotherhood formed among soldiers in the face of adversity and the difficulties they encountered upon returning home.

Musically, “Goodnight Saigon” features Joel’s powerful vocals accompanied by a stirring melody and a moving arrangement that includes sound effects resembling helicopters and gunfire, creating an immersive experience that transports listeners to the war-torn era.

The song stands as a tribute to the veterans of the Vietnam War, acknowledging their bravery and the challenges they endured. “Goodnight Saigon” resonated with audiences and remains a significant and emotional piece in Billy Joel’s repertoire, showcasing his ability to create deeply affecting songs that capture historical moments and human experiences.

Deep Purple – My Woman From Tokyo

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Deep Purple is a successful rock band with hundreds of thousands of streams on digital music platforms even today. My Woman From Tokyo, released by the British band in 1973, contains similar themes to other songs about Asia. The much-loved song became a global success.

Queen – Teo Torriatte

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The next track on our list of songs about Asia is Teo Torriatte. Written by Queen’s guitarist Brian May, “Teo Torriatte” is notable for its beautiful melodies, harmonies, and the inclusion of Japanese lyrics in the chorus. The song reflects Queen’s appreciation for their Japanese fans and showcases the band’s ability to create emotionally resonant and multilingual music.

The lyrics convey messages of love, unity, and togetherness, encouraging people to hold onto love and cherish relationships, regardless of language barriers or geographical distances.

Watergate – Heart of Asia

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German Dj Watergate’s Heart of Asia, released in 2000, has become one of the songs with Asia in the title with both its musical background and lyrics. This piece with guzheng melodies, a traditional Chinese instrument, can be considered as a kind of trance song. It is the kind of song that will take you on a journey to other universes while you are listening to it.

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