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The word cup is used in the lyrics of countless songs with examples of different genres. Cup, which is one of the tools used while drinking, is frequently used in this drinking context. Many artists from Bob Dylan to Glee Cast have songs about cups. Here are some popular examples:

Anna Kendrick – Cup

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One of the popular songs of the movie called Pitch Perfect, which was released in 2012, was Cup. This song, which belongs to Anna Kendrick, actually has a special arrangement that is a mixture of two songs called When I’m Gone and The Cups Song. This song by American actress Kendrick should be counted between songs about cups. Anna Kendrick’s career, which we are accustomed to seeing in many productions in recent years, is focusing on acting.

Kirko Bangz – Drank In My Cup

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Kirko Bangz is one of America’s most rebellious rappers. He usually writes and releases his songs himself. One of these indie rap songs is Drank In My Cup. Bangz released this song in 2011 to express their passion for alcohol-filled party nights. This hardcore song is one of the most wacky songs about cups. The young rapper has managed to enter the charts with this song.

Melanie Martinez – Sippy Cup

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“Sippy Cup” is a track by American singer-songwriter Melanie Martinez, featured on her debut studio album, “Cry Baby,” released in 2015. The song combines elements of pop and alternative music, showcasing Martinez’s unique style.

“Sippy Cup” delves into themes of dysfunctional relationships and the impact they can have on children. The lyrics are known for their dark and satirical commentary, and the song’s catchy yet haunting sound contributes to its distinctive appeal within the pop genre. Here is the beloved lyrics:

“Blood money, blood money
How did you afford this ring that I love, honey?
Just another shift at the drug company,
He doesn’t think I’m that fucking dumb does he?
It doesn’t matter what you pull up to your home
We know what goes on inside
You call that ass your own, we call that silicone
Silly girl with silly boys”

Toby Keith – Red Solo Cup

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The popular name of American country music Toby Keith released his album Clancy’s Tavern in 2011. The album’s hit song, Red Solo Cup, is an example of a fun country song. Red glasses are generally used at parties in America. The artist also used these glasses symbolically in his lyrics. This high energy song is one of the most loved songs about cups.

UB40 – Bring Me Your Cup

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When we list songs about cups, this unique song should be announced. “Bring Me Your Cup” is a reggae song by the British band UB40, released in 1993 as part of their album “Promises and Lies.” Known for their reggae-infused sound, UB40 delivers a laid-back and melodic track with “Bring Me Your Cup.”

The lyrics touch on themes of heartbreak and longing, expressing the desire for solace and comfort. The song showcases UB40’s ability to blend reggae rhythms with emotive storytelling, creating a memorable addition to their extensive discography.

Bob Dylan – One More Cup of Coffee

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Bob Dylan, the most famous country singer-songwriter of all time, also has a song using the word cup. One of his hits, One More Cup of Coffee, is one of the songs with cup in the title that comes to mind first. This is a song from his classic album Desire, which he released in 1976. It has words that describe the mood of a man who falls in love with a gypsy woman.

Hailey Whitters – Fillin’ My Cup feat. Little Big Town

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“Fillin’ My Cup” is a collaboration between American country artist Hailey Whitters and the country music group Little Big Town. Released in 2021, the song is part of Whitters’ album “Living the Dream.” It features a lively and upbeat country sound, combining Whitters’ vocals with the harmonies of Little Big Town.

“Fillin’ My Cup” celebrates life’s simple pleasures and the joy found in shared moments. The song’s infectious energy and collaborative spirit make it a standout track within the contemporary country genre.

“It ain’t the bartender, it ain’t the bottle
It ain’t the headache I’ll have tomorrow
It’s a high-low life when you shake it on up
Fillin’ my cup”

Andrew Ripp – Fill My Cup

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Andree Ripp is one of the Nashville-based American musicians and songwriters. He released an album called Evergreen in 2015. One of the most popular songs of Ripp, which includes songs from different genres and subjects in this album, is Fill My Cup. This song has lyrics expressing the feelings of a man seeking peace of mind. Although Fill My Cup is less known than others, it is one of the most enjoyable songs about cups.

Katy Perry – A Cup Of Coffee

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“A Cup Of Coffee” is a song by American singer Katy Perry, included in her debut studio album “Katy Hudson,” released in 2001. The album showcases Perry’s early work as a Christian music artist. “A Cup Of Coffee” is a reflective ballad that explores themes of heartbreak and the aftermath of a failed relationship. Perry’s emotive vocals and the acoustic arrangement contribute to the song’s poignant atmosphere, providing a glimpse into the artist’s early musical style and lyrical depth.

Glee Cast – My Cup

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Many different songs are known to be sung on the popular TV show Glee. One of the fun songs used in an episode aired in 2015 is My Cup. The song also has a fun motivation, claiming that the fun in life should continue. It would be impossible not to count the unforgettable song from this legendary TV show among the songs about cups.

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