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The concept of enlightenment appears in the lyrics of countless songs. Especially in the art world, enlightenment is a concept that is widely thought about and used as a material in written or spoken works. Here are some beloved songs about enlightenment from various artists who continue their music careers in different genres:

Van Morrison – Enlightenment

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Van Morrison is one of Ireland’s most respected musicians and has one of the most classic songs about enlightenment. The legendary artist’s song Enlightenment was released in 1990. This song, which has jazzy tones, has intellectual lyrics about inner peace. The Grammy-winning veteran artist is always remembered for his hat and glasses.

Imagine by John Lennon

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One of the most famous music groups of all time, John Lennon, the founder of The Beatles, has one of the most hit songs Imagine. Released in 1971, this song is one of the most popular songs about enlightenment with poetic lyrics that make humanity dream of a utopia. The theme of enlightenment is also heavily felt in the hopeful lyrics. John Lennon not only wrote about enlightenment in this song but also in others.

Louis Armstrong – What A Wonderful World

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Louis Armstrong is an American jazz legend and one of the most successful musicians of all time. Unlike other artists, Armstrong has a superior vocal talent. Many jazz classics came to life with his trumpet and vocals. His 1967 song What a Wonderful World should definitely be counted among songs about enlightenment with its lyrics and vibe. What a Wonderful World is one of the most popular songs among dozens of songs by the legendary artist and talks about the beautiful details in life.

JAY-Z – 4:44

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One of the most famous rappers of today’s rap market, JAY-Z can be counted among songs about enlightenment with his interesting song 4:44. Releasing his 13th studio album in 2017, the talented rapper included the song 4:44 in this album. The successful artist, who is followed with interest by millions of people not only with his songs but also with his personal life and style, is to experience a kind of enlightenment in this song where he touches on the themes of family and love. He managed to express this successfully and broke records on digital music platforms.


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Kanye West, one of the most famous musicians of recent times, has created a collective music project with another musician Kid Cudi. This rap group project called KIDS SEE GHOST was introduced with an album in 2018. The song Reborn from the album, as the title suggests, is one of the most original rap songs among songs about enlightenment. It makes extensive use of the concepts of inner journey and peace. The song also has a popular music video. Kanye West’s every creation continues to attract attention.

Leonard Cohen – In My Secret Life

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Leonard Cohen, a legendary singer-songwriter, released his song In My Secret Life in 2001. This song by the Canadian-born musician can be remembered among the songs about enlightenment as its theme. You will want to listen to the song In My Secret Life again, especially with Cohen’s unique and characteristic vocals, every time you listen to it.

With the lyrics of the song, Leonard Cohen proved how successful and talented he was in the field of literature. In addition to her live performances of In My Secret Life at her concerts, the original studio version of the song has been streamed more than 20 million times. “In My Secret Life” can be found on all digital music platforms now.


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Prince, who has become an icon for thousands of people with his career and personal life, also has songs that can be listed among songs about enlightenment. Especially the funky song WAY BACK HOME, which he released in 2014, is definitely a good example. The song metaphorically describes the artist’s return to his roots. The intellectual singer Prince always wanted the lyrics in his songs to be of high quality and he mostly succeeded. He left behind lasting works of art.

Breaking Benjamin – Follow Me

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Breaking Benjamin, whose songs are generally in the rock genre, is a popular American rock band. One of the iconic songs from the band’s album Phobia, released in 2006, is Follow Me. When you listen to this song, you will feel the dramatic atmosphere of the lyrics and theme, as in other Breaking Benjamin songs.

Post-grunge is a popular subgenre of the rock genre, and the song Follow Me can be considered to belong to this genre with both its vocals and instrumental preferences. It is known that the band, which released different versions of the song, has achieved over 1 million streams with this song, but the song does not have an original music video on Youtube etc. Still, it is listened to by many now.

Frank Ocean – Monks

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Frank Ocean is an American singer and songwriter. His popular song Monks should be remembered among songs about enlightenment in all its elements. Monks is the most original track from the album Channel Orange, released in 2012. The popular song contains themes of mysticism and loneliness. Frank Ocean has a unique lyrical style. If you like this style, here are Frank Ocean love songs.

Mac Miller – Earth

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Mac Miller, one of the most popular rappers of the last period, released his song Earth in 2016. The lyrics of the song bear traces of the artist’s personal life. In this respect, it can be considered among songs about enlightenment. This song with romantic tones is an original rap song with intellectual and existential lyrics. You can continue to experience this original style of the artist in our list of saddest Mac Miller songs.

Grouplove – Enlighten Me

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This song is a compelling track featured on the album “Big Mess,” which was released in 2016. This indie-pop anthem resonates with its energetic rhythm and infectious melodies. The song’s essence lies in its empowering lyrics that implore listeners to embrace change and new perspectives.

Through vibrant instrumentals and buoyant vocals, Grouplove captures the essence of self-discovery and personal evolution. “Enlighten Me” is an uplifting tune that encourages individuals to explore beyond their comfort zones, fostering a mindset of openness and enlightenment. Its themes revolve around the pursuit of inner growth, advocating for the acceptance of transformation and the excitement that comes with embracing new insights and experiences.

Billy Joel – River of Dreams

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The other example of songs about enlightenment stands as the title track from the iconic artist’s 1993 album. This soulful ballad immerses listeners in a contemplative journey through life’s myriad experiences. With its captivating melodies and Joel’s signature vocals, the song serves as a metaphorical exploration of a personal odyssey. “River of Dreams” metaphorically navigates the currents of existence, symbolized by a flowing river, as Joel reflects on his aspirations, dreams, and the quest for self-fulfillment.

The song encapsulates the essence of introspection, pondering the complexities of one’s journey and the search for purpose amidst the ebb and flow of life. Through poignant lyrics and evocative music, Billy Joel invites listeners to introspect and navigate their own “river of dreams” in pursuit of understanding and contentment.

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