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Exodus is a very common concept in human history. Even today there are many cases of exodus. Sometimes forced, sometimes intentional, exoduses are known to cause changes in people’s emotions. Here are the songs about exodus that best express these feelings:

Pusha T – Exodus 23:1

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Famous rapper Pusha T produced his song Exodus 23:1 as a diss song for popular rapper Drake. The lyrics of the popular song contain insults that can be considered heavy for Drake. Released in 2012, this song also contributed a lot to Pusha T’s fame. It can be counted among songs about exodus with its lyrics. Exodus 23:1, the provocative song from the album Fear of God II, is the kind of song that immediately captivates those who listen to it.

M.I.A. – Exodus

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In the song Exodus from the 2020 album AIM, M.I.A. draws attention to the refugee crisis. In today’s world where thousands of people are forced to leave their homes, the number of such songs is increasing. Exodus is the one of the songs most related to the theme songs about exodus. The young female singer of sri lanka origin loves to address such issues and transforms her awareness into lasting works of art. She makes it to our list with her pop song that brings this current problem to the agenda.

Bob Marley – Exodus

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$UICIDEBOY$ is one of the most popular rap music producers of recent times. In the 2021 song EXODUS, he used the concept of exodus to metaphorically describe the difficulties in his personal life and his struggle in his rap career. This rap song should definitely be counted among songs with exodus in the title. Written with a brave and honest point of view, this song became one of the most popular songs of the artist and is still listened to today.

Andy Williams Sings – The Exodus Song

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Killa Fonic – Exodus

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Killa fonic is one of the most popular outsider rappers of recent times. The album containing the song EXODUS bears the same name. Fonic, who likened his music career to an exodus, wrote impressive lyrics. This song by Killa Fonic should also be counted among songs about exodus. The song has gained great interest of the fans due to the harsh lyrics it contains.

Kirk Franklin – Exodus

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Kirk Franklin is an American gospel artist. The song Exodus from the popular album Losing My Religion has mystical textures. Exodus in this song is used in its first meaning that comes to mind. Franklin, who does not spare her words about such topics, released this song in 2015 and it is among the most original songs about exodus.

Megaloh – Exodus

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De La Soul – Exodus

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Released in 2016, Exodus is a song that reflects De La Soul’s usual style. The song reflects the textures of hip-hop culture and De La Soul’s style. This contradictory rap song is one of the most unforgettable songs about exodus. In the music video of the song, we see that this theme is presented with a very good story.

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