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Fantasies have manifested themselves in all works of art in one form or another. Sometimes we see the word fantasia used in paintings and sometimes in songs. The word fantasy appears in different songs of different genres. It does not always refer to fantasies in sexual relationships, sometimes it is used in different contexts. Here are some songs about fantasy:

Mariah Carey – Fantasy

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When Mariah Carey released Daydream in 1995, little did they know that it would become a classic pop album. The album’s popular song Fantasy contains R&B tones. The song is about a woman’s fantasies. It remained at the top of all music charts in the year it was released. Mariah Carey’s Fantasy is one of the most popular songs about fantasy.

Blind Guardian – Wheel of time

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Aldo Nova – Fantasy

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The song Fantazi from Aldo Nova’s 1983 album of the same name is very popular. The song takes on a unique form with Nova’s superior vocal skills and guitar solos. Fantasy, which includes romantic fantasies in its lyrics, is a rock ballad that should be counted among songs about fantasy. Canadian guitarist Aldo Nova is highly acclaimed for his solo albums.

Bazzi – Fantasy

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The pop song Fantasy from Bazzi’s album “Cosmic” is one of the popular songs with fantasy in the title. Released in 2018, the song talks about a man’s fantasies. The song has a unique atmosphere. The young American singer is still in her teens, but she continues her music career with success.

Gloryhammer – The Land of Unicorns

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Billie Eilish – Male Fantasy

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One of the most popular singers of recent years, Billie Eilish clips are listened to by millions of fans on the internet. The famous singer has gathered fans from all over the world. Released in 2021, the song Male Fantasy from the successful album Happier Than Ever is among the songs about fantasy. The song is very popular with Billie Eilish’s unique vocal style. This work of the young singer talks about toxic masculinity. Although the young singer is only in her twenties, she has already won several Grammy and Oscar awards. Her unique songs continue to break listening records. The song male fantasy is also very popular.

Alina Baraz & Galimatias – Fantasy

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Ludacris – What’s Your Fantasy ft. Shawnna

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The famous rapper Ludacris released his album Back for the First Time in 2000. He released the popular song on this album, What’s Your Fantasy, with Shawnna. The song used sexual fantasies as a theme. Thanks to its cleverly written lyrics, it has a structure that will become the talk of the town. When considering songs about fantasy, Ludacris’s What’s Your Fantasy should be added to the list.

Blind Guardian – A Voice In The Dark

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Earth, Wind & Fire – Fantasy

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In 1977, the funk band Earth, Wind & Fire released their album ALL ‘N ALL. One of the most listened-to tracks of this successful album is Fantasy. The song features the use of fun instruments. The song Fantasy helped the band to achieve worldwide recognition. The song Fantasy, which is still being listened to today, should be counted among songs about fantasy.

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