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There are various songs with 19 in the title. Nineteen can mean many different things for individuals. While for some it may be a time of struggle and heartache, for others it’s the greatest moment in their life. These songs will capture all of your feelings about this special age – from remembering first loves to lamenting lost youth – all will leave you singing along! Here are the most beloved songs with 19 in the title.

Mo3 – 2 Nineteen

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Rapper Mo3 of Dallas was an award-winning street anthem artist who used lyrics inspired by real experiences to produce emotive street anthems with meaningful lyrics about real-life experiences and struggles. Through hard work and dedication he earned spots on charts; furthermore, he gave back to his community by paying rent for families during pandemic outbreaks.

He was shot and killed in November 2020, yet his music continues to thrive posthumously. Shottaz 4Eva, released in 2021 and certified platinum by RIAA for singles “Broken Love” featuring Kevin Gates and “Outside”, featuring OG Bobby Billions respectively, remains popular. This track is one of the most popular songs with 19 in the title.

Lil Peep – nineteen

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Lil Peep’s estate recently unveiled an edited collection of live footage featuring Lil Peep performing “nineteen” across Europe. Filmed from both close proximity and audience seats, the clip gives multiple perspectives of his performances as bass-heavy beats mix with spacey percussion and flashes of colorful light while his powerful vocals resound through.

Lil Peep was an American rapper and singer known as Gustav Ahr. Among pop music, his sound combined the urgency of contemporary hip-hop with post-emo revival’s raw serrated sentimentality. Though struggling with mental health issues himself, Lil Peep often addressed them through his lyrics; ultimately his death occurred due to a drug overdose on November 28, 2017. This song is one of the most original songs with 19 in the title.

Dan + Shay – 19 You + Me

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Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney’s duo of radio-ready country-pop with catchy melodies and sing-along choruses has found great success since the release of their debut album Where It All Began and singles like 19 You + Me and Tequila.

Good Things, an album full of airy uptempo tracks and ballads by Good Things duo, showcases their versatility with strong performances like album opener Keeping Score featuring Kelly Clarkson duet, as well as Speechless which promises to become the first dance song at many weddings. This unforgettable song is one of the most high-energy among songs with 19 in the title.

Mark Wills – 19 Somethin’

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Mark Wills of Georgia made waves with hits like “Jacob’s Ladder,” finding an easy niche where his pop sensibilities mixed well with traditional country. Since then, his show has taken his energetic show overseas to entertain troops stationed nearby.

Wills would go on to release other successful albums, including his powerful 2002 hit 19 Somethingin’ (only making it to #23 on Billboard 200). 19 Somethingin’ shows Wills exploring more R&B-influenced songs that had previously been absent from his other records – showing off yet another side to his music that many had missed out on before now. This work by Mark Wills is one of the first ones that come to mind among songs with 19 in the title.

The Courteeners – Not Nineteen Forever

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Manchester bands offer no shortage of indie rock. Many flocked to prominence during the 2000s with one-hit wonders that became anthems before eventually falling off our radar altogether. Yet somehow, The Courteeners have managed to defy this fate and make their mark instead.

And while More. Again. Forever doesn’t deviate much from their earlier template, it does contain subtle touches that distinguish it as more than just another generic indie release. Elina Lin’s staccato piano chords on Hanging Off Your Cloud bring back memories of Kanye West’s Runaway and add much-needed intrigue to proceedings. And also don’t forget the check songs with 18 in the title list.

Redgum – I Was Only 19

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Redgum’s John Schumann wanted his song I Was Only 19 to be as accurate as possible, so he wrote it with authenticity in mind. Drawing inspiration from Mick Storen and Frankie Hunt’s experiences during Vietnam service and including authentic terms like chinooks and SLRs as part of its narrative gave the tune depth, making the experience all the more realistic; making you feel as if you were there yourself! This authentic approach to songwriting gave I Was Only 19 an authentic feel, making you almost feel like being there yourself!

Schumann decided to release it under one condition: that all artist royalties be donated to Vietnam Veterans Association (which raised over $70k). It soon became an iconic protest song and defined Australia’s involvement in Vietnam; as such, this year the Australian War Memorial is honoring it and its impact with an online exhibition. This successful song has one of the most emotional lyrics among songs with 19 in the title.

Tegan And Sara – Nineteen

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Nineteen, from Tegan and Sara’s 2007 album The Con, is an example of what makes an ideal pop song: young love in its purest form described through vivid imagery as something lasting beyond a fleeting thought or fleeting emotion.

This production is an intricate combination of artistic invention and anxiety, moving between delicate acoustic-electric melancholy and manic power pop. Released a decade before pop punk would gain artistic acceptance and anxious DIY pop (Sky Ferreira/Chairlift) became the sound of an entire generation, it remains groundbreaking material to this day. Among songs with 19 in the title, it would be impossible not to mention this song by Tegan and Sara.

Steely Dan – Hey Nineteen

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Hey Nineteen is an elite professional tribute band to Steely Dan, performing their biggest hits and deep cuts with great accuracy. Since 2012, audiences have been left impressed by Hey Nineteen’s ability to accurately reproduce Steely Dan’s complex music while creating an exciting live performance experience.

Donald Fagen and Walter Becker’s ode to youthful innocence finds an alternate, darker tone on Gaucho, which marked a turning point for them in terms of artistic tension–their desire to create flawless-sounding records that acknowledged human blunders–to its logical conclusion. Beneath their meticulous craftsmanship lies decay, disillusionment and deep sadness.

Paul McCartney & Wings – Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five

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McCartney’s tribute to Linda from 1973 album Band On The Run stands as one of his finest compositions ever written. With lush strings, a four-piece horn/percussion section featuring Nigerian instrumentalist Remi Kabaka, and a guitar that recalls Brazilian bossa nova music – this song stands alone as one of his finest ever compositions.

At the time of its recording, Paul and Lisa were in marital bliss, which seems to have inspired this song and album as a whole to celebrate it. Additionally, this work sidesteps some of the lightweight pitfalls which characterized his previous solo efforts and showcases him at his best. It can be listed as one of songs with nineteen in the title

Landon Cube – 19

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Maryland native Landon Cube possesses an uncanny talent for creating music that speaks to people across a broad spectrum. Beginning his career on YouTube with vlogs and reaction videos, Landon has grown his following as an artist while expanding his repertoire.

This song addresses the feelings most 19-year-olds experience when trying to navigate life on their own for the first time, as well as why it’s essential to remain confident while taking responsibility for your actions. It is considered as one of the songs with 19 in the title. If you enjoyed this musical adventure, here are more songs with 9.

Buddy Guy – She’s Nineteen Years Old

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The next song among songs with 19 in the title came from Buddy Guy. “Buddy Guy” is a renowned blues guitarist and singer, and “She’s Nineteen Years Old” is a classic blues song that he performed. The song was released on his 1991 album called “Damn Right, I’ve Got the Blues.”

The lyrics of the song depict a story about a man who falls in love with a young woman who is nineteen years old. The lyrics discuss his feelings and desires for her, expressing the age gap and the emotional conflict that arises from it. Buddy Guy’s passionate delivery and masterful guitar playing make the song a powerful and emotional piece within the blues genre.

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