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American country singer Morgan Wallen has become more popular nowadays. Thanks to his 2018 album If I Know Me, he has created a noticeable fan base. Morgan Wallen, who produces original works in his own genre, has also achieved success in the popular TV program called The Voice. Wallen, who produces songs in the country genre, has a lot of romantic songs. Here are some beloved Morgan Wallen love songs:

Chasin’ You

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In 2019, Wallen released a wonderful country song called Chasin’ You. The song features traditional country music melodies with lyrics that reflect the longing of a past love. This unique song is among the most beloved Morgan Wallen love songs. In the lyrics of the song, Morgan Wallen describes the feelings of love in an honest and simple language. Maybe that’s why it’s such admirable work.

Cover Me Up

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With the song Cover Me Up, Wallen made a nice surprise to his bored fans during the pandemic period. He reinterpreted this song, which actually belongs to a successful musician named Jason Isbell. The song has emotionally very harsh lyrics. The song should be counted among the Morgan Wallen love songs thanks to the atmosphere created by the use of acoustic guitar. Wallen’s vocals have a much more touching tone due to a breakup he experienced during the studio sessions of this album.

Whiskey Glasses

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7 Summers

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The young artist released 7 Summers in 2020, which successfully combines country and pop genres. The song is about love like other Morgan Wallen love songs. 7 Summers, which describes how a romantic relationship in the past makes you feel today, also reflects the artist’s unique attitude in the music industry well. As a young country music artist, Wallen has demonstrated his unique talent thanks to this song.

More Than My Hometown

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The Way I Talk

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The Way I Talk, which can be considered an upbeat country song, was released in 2017. Morgan Wallen, who did not have the professional opportunities he has today when he released the song, talks about the region where he grew up in this song. With its impressive melodies that are easy to listen to, The Way I Talk has a very unique style among Morgan Wallen love songs. The popular country artist Wallen made a great arrangement in this song as in his other songs.

Redneck Love Song

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In 2021, Morgan Wallen released the romantic song Heartless. The rhythm and energy of the song is quite different from other Wallen songs. Wallen reflected the pain of a breakup with poetic expressions and country guitar riffs. Heartless is one of the most popular Morgan Wallen love songs. Diplo, the famous country artist, collaborated with Wallen on this song and they also collaborated on the music video. The famous artist believed in Wallen’s energy and talent and supported him. The result has been a  beautiful country classic like Heartless.

Up Down

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Somebody’s Problem

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Somebody’s Problem was released in 2020 and is a great example of a romantic country song. In this song, young country artist Morgan Wallen combines the struggles for love with emotional lyrics. Somebody’s Problem is among the most impressive Morgan Wallen love songs. When you listen to the song, you can fully feel the experience of a love pain.

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