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Cody Johnson is one of the most beloved artists in the American modern country music genre. Only in his 30s, he has already reached a large fan base. He has contributed his own unique touch to traditional country music. Hit songs such as “’Til you Can’t” stayed at the top of the country charts on digital platforms for a long time. Generally, his love-themed songs have been popular. Just like Johnny Cash Love Songs, Cody Johnson has songs with a similar theme. Here are Cody Johnson love songs with the most popular examples:

‘Til You Can’t

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‘Til You Can’t, the most listened to song from the album Gotta Be Me, was released in 2016. The song has elements of country music but it is presented with Cody Johnson’s unique vocals. Til You Can’t is one of the most typical Cody Johnson love songs with the theme of never giving up the struggle. If you want a country touch to your playlist, this song will be the right choice.

With You I Am

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In the same album with Cody Johnson’s popular song ‘Til You Can’t, the song With You I Am is also very loved. It is one of the most requested songs to be performed in live concert shows. The song has the most emotional tones among Cody Johnson love songs. Although it is known that the theme of love is often utilized in country songs, this song is even more impressive with Johnson’s unique voice.

On My Way To You

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Cody Johnson released the album Ain’t Nothin’ to It in 2019, 3 years after the release of Gotta Be Me, which made a great impact in the music market. On My Way To You, which has themes such as self-discovery and finding one’s true purpose in life, is one of the first to come to mind among Cody Johnson love songs. With a melancholic atmosphere, Johnson’s vocals are quite powerful.

Nothin On You

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Released in 2019, Nothing On You is a kind of Cody Johnson love song, but it is a high-energy track. Unlike other songs of the young country artist, it has a low dosage of romance. This high-energy song is one of the most upbeat on the country music charts. It is a popular song that thousands of fans join in with while Cody Johnson performs at his concerts.

Diamond in My Pocket

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Just like on Zach Bryan Love Songs, Cody Johnson’s tracks have a similar atmosphere. Diamond in My Pocket, Johnson’s song about a true love story, is one of the unforgettable tracks from his album Cowboy Like Me.

You Look So Good In Love

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When it comes to Cody Johnson love songs, one of the first songs that comes to mind is You Look So Good In Love. This song actually belongs to veteran artist George Strait. Cody Johnson covered this song in his own style and this version was very loved. It is also seen as an honor to traditional country music.

Ride With Me

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If you have high energy but want to listen to a love story, then you should add Cody Johnson’s Ride With Me to your list. Released in 2019, this song has become one of the unforgettable Cody Johnson love songs. The most distinctive feature of the song is the high energy it carries, although it is a song where you can hear instruments that offer the feelings of the country genre to the maximum.


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Cody Johnson also utilized the theme of love in his dramatic song Fenceposts, which is written about his childhood. Fenceposts was also very popular with the clip he filmed with cowboy outfits. It has already become one of the classics of Cody Johnson love songs.

Ain’t Nothin’ To It

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Ain’t Nothin’ To It is the most prominent song from the album of the same name. Released in 2019, this song has a distinctive atmosphere different from other Cody Johnson songs. An empowering anthem effect will be felt at first listening. It should be counted among Cody Johnson romantic songs.

Dance Her Home

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One of Cody Johnson’s most romantic songs is Dance Her Home. If you like listening to country music and are open to new styles, this is for you. Dance Her Home, one of the most popular Cody Johnson love songs, should be on your playlist. Today, Cody Johnson continues his live concert performance tours.

The Painter

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One of the newest songs on our list, The Painter reflects Cody Johnson’s unique musical style very well. With nearly 2 million streams, The Painter can be considered one of the most popular Cody Johnson love songs. Although it does not make direct love references, it has become one of the most popular examples with its catchy melody and catchy lyrics.

It is one of the most original examples of the modern folk genre, and a great music video was recently released.

Me and My Kind

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Among the most popular Cody Johnson love songs, Me and My Kind should definitely be mentioned. It is one of the most popular modern folk songs with more than 1 million streams. Cody Johnson is a Texas country artist known for his traditional country sound, rich baritone vocals, and genuine storytelling. His songs often reflect on rural life, love, and personal experiences.

If “Me and My Kind” is in line with his typical style, you can expect a blend of heartfelt lyrics, melodic country instrumentation, and a narrative that resonates with his audience.

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