Songs About Continents

Songs can have different stories about different places. Sometimes continents are mentioned in lyrics or titles. There are many songs including continents in different genres. There are countless songs written about America, Africa and Europe. Here are some popular songs about continents:

Shakira – Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)

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The Colombian singer is loved by the masses both in America and around the world. Shakira continues to break sales records with her albums and her music videos are watched by millions of people. In 2010, the FIFA World Cup event was held in Africa. The famous singer released the fun song Waka Waka as the promotional music for this event. The song is also known as This Time for Africa. This upbeat song is one of the most popular songs about continents.

Toto – Africa

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Toto, who released their 1982 album Toto 4, is one of the most popular American rock bands. It was a very impressive album, especially with its unique keyboard and guitar tones. One of the most popular songs from this successful album is Africa. Africa is a popular rock song about the continent of Africa. It is one of the most popular songs about continents. Toto managed to win all the prestigious awards of the period, including the Grammy award. A collective of talented musicians, the group is still listened to today.

Akon – Oh Africa

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Hopscotch – Seven Continents Song

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Hopscotch is a fun music group that usually makes songs for children. They released their song Seven Continents Song in 2013, which was very well received by children. When we look at the lyrics of the song, we understand that it is a song that aims to teach children about the continents. This fun children’s song can be counted among the popular songs about continents with its original style.

KLT – The Seven Continents Song

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Johnny Clegg And Savuka – Scatterlings Of Africa

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South African band Johnny Clegg and Savuka released their song Scatterlings of Africa in 1987. The song contains Zulu rhythms and Western rock sounds. The popular song is about the history of Africa. This classic song is one of the most popular songs about continents.

R.E.M. – Radio Free Europe

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The Psychedelic Furs – Sister Europe

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The famous British post-punk band released their song Sister Europe in 1980. The popular song has a unique style. Poetic expressions and metaphors are used in the lyrics about Europe. This original song is considered a classic among songs about continents. The Psychedelic Furs have a unique style in their songs and lyrics, just like their choice of name.

Roxy Music – A Song For Europe

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Al Stewart – Antarctica

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The Scottish singer has a fan base all over the world. AI Stewart, who produces folk and pop songs, released their song Antarctica in 1995. This song is about the unknown beauties of the Antarctic continent. This old art of work should definitely be counted among songs about continents. He played a major role in the adoption of the genre called English folk by the whole world. Thanks to his songs and albums, this genre has reached a wide range of people.

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