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We can also see different and interesting words used in daily life in the lyrics. The concept of “tomboy”, which is generally used in slang language, is an old adjective used for women with masculine features. We see that artists from different genres benefit from this concept in their lyrics. Although it is not preferred much today because it is sexist, the number of songs about tomboys is not few:

(G)I-DLE – Tomboy

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A South Korean girl music group with an interesting name, (G)I-DLE, is known to have a song called “Tomboy”. This song is a pop song released by the high-energy music band in 2021. The influence of different genres is seen in the song, such as hip-hop. Its chorus was composed with success in a way to become a rosewood. The song is about the wrong traditional expectations about gender roles and sexism. The song of this fun group formed by strong women can be a unique example for songs about tomboys.

Destiny Rogers – Tomboy

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Destiny Rogers is an American singer-songwriter-musician. One of the popular songs of Rogers, who also works in pop and R&B genres, is Tomboy. The vocal technique of the artist, who has a great talent in the song, arouses admiration. Her words take an ironic approach to gender roles. This song by Destiny Rogers, released in 2019, is among the most popular songs about tomboys.

Princess Nokia – Tomboy

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Miranda Lambert – Tomboy

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Musician Miranda Lambert, who has produced numerous works in the country genre, released her song Tomboy in 2015. In this song, the artist also gave place to the influences of the rock genre. Thanks to Lambert’s unforgettable vocals and rebellious lyrics, this song has become one of the unique songs about tomboys. Miranda Lambert, who is still in the prime time period of her career, continues to reflect her strong female idol with the atmosphere of the country genre in her songs.

Vulfpeck – Tomboy

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Krista Marie – Tomboy

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American musician Krista Maries has created successful country music projects. With her song “Tomboy”, which they released in 2010, Marie honestly stated that she also has a tomboyish stance. Thanks to the guitar riffs in the song and Marie’s original vocals, it is already considered one of the classic songs about tomboys.

Jessica Hammond – Tomboy

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Lee Aaron – Tomboy

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Veteran rock artist Lee Aaron released his song Tomboy in the 80s. The song is a good example of the hard rock genre. The use of guitars and vocals, like other songs in this genre, is full of rage. Explaining in poetic terms that his rebellious personality does not fit with traditional gender roles, Aaron’s excellent work may be the harshest of songs about tomboys.

Maddie Wilson – Tomboy

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Layce Whitworth – Tomboy

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American musician Layce Whitworth touches on different topics in his country songs. Expressing that he also has a tomboyish attitude, Whitworth has clearly revealed this rebellion with his song Tomboy, which he published in 2021. Thanks to its unforgettable vocal technique, this song by Whitworth is one of the first to come to mind when it comes to songs about tomboys.

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