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The phrase Judas is often used in religious references. In some songs we see it being used in different contexts. Judas is the name of the disciple who betrayed Jesus and is used metaphorically for betraying partners in various artworks released today. Although songs with this theme do not always have religious references, they have used the term Judas for partners or enemies. Here are songs about Judas with examples from a wide range of genres from Lady Gaga to The Mountain Goats:

Lady Gaga – Judas

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Lady Gaga influences thousands of people not only with her music projects but also with her activist stand in her private life. The song Judas, released by the famous pop singer in 2011, is one of the first to come to mind when it comes to songs about Judas. While listening to the song, we realize that there are different tones from electronic music to the rock genre. She used the word Judas in the context of betrayal and forgiveness. When we watch the clip of the song, it is understood that it is an authentic clip where religious references are used a lot.

FOZZY – Judas

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In 2017, the American rock band FOZZY released the song Judas, which bears the same name as their album. Chris Jericho, known for being a professional wrestler, is a popular vocalist who drives all the energy of this band. With its heavy riffs, Judas is a good example of the rock genre among songs about Judas. You should make a space in your playlists for this unique song.We know that the term Judas is used in countless angry songs in the rock genre. This song is a hard rock and roll song that expresses that anger in the most honest way.

Jesse Royal – Modern Day Judas

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Jamaican singer Jesse Roya produces numerous songs in the reggae genre. His 2015 album Militancy Riddim is one of his most popular songs, Modern Day Judas, which has his own lyrics. The song has authentic lyrics that criticize society and an entertaining musical background. Jesse Royal’s vocals will take you to a new discovery in the reggae genre with this song. Modern Day Judas can be counted as an example from the reggae genre among songs with Judas in the title.

Dinos – Judas

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French rapper Dinos is a hip-hop artist with numerous songs on various topics. One of the most impressive songs of his Taciturne album released in 2020 is Judas. It should definitely be added to the list as an example of songs about Judas released in France. This song has a melancholic vibe. Although the song has a somewhat disinterested atmosphere to give religious references, the artist preferred to describe those responsible for the betrayals he encountered with the expression Judas.

BANKS – Judas

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American singer BANKS released an album titled III in 2019. Judas, one of the most catchy songs of this album, has impressive and original lyrics. BANKS, one of the successful representatives of electronic sound, expresses his frustrations in this song very well with his unique vocals. BANKS’ song with this atmospheric sound is one of the most impressive songs about Judas.

Vector – Judas The Rat

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Nigerian hip-hop artist Vector offers an original style with his distinctive rap songs. The song Judas the Rat, which he released as a diss to another rap artist named MI Abaga, has Vector’s harsh and brutal lyrics. One of the leading names in the Nigerian music industry, the young artist’s Judas the Rat song with minimalist beats is one of the most angry songs about Judas.

DOVER – Judas

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Spillage Village – Judas

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The song Judas, created by American hip-hop collective EARTHGANG and Spillage Village, was released in 2020. The song expresses betrayal in romantic relationships by using the word Judas metaphorically. It should be remembered among songs about Judas for its catchy lyrics and unforgettable atmosphere.

Metallica – The Judas Kiss

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The Mountain Goats – Cry for Judas

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The Mountain Goats, a band that releases songs in the indie folk genre, released their album Transcendental Youth in 2012. The acoustic guitar usage in the song is quite successful, as fans are used to. John Darnielle, the founder of the band and also the vocalist, with his unique vocals and touching lyrical style, Cry for Judas has become one of the songs about Judas.

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