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Ballet is one of the longest-standing dance genres. Ballets who have made this aesthetic dance a lifestyle have been the theme of many songs. Here are the favorite songs about ballet with different types of examples and various stories:

Madonna – Dark Ballet

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Madonna, one of the most beloved pop artists of all time, has produced countless works in her long-standing professional music career. Almost all of her albums have been admired by the whole world. Released in 2019, one of the most popular songs from her album Madame X is Dark Ballet. This popular track is among the most well-known songs about ballet. Madonna, who deals with concepts such as freedom and resistance with her unique style, offers this song with a dramatic structure and dark emotions.

Aden Foyer – The Ballet Girl

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Aden Foyer is the popular producer of many hit classical and electronic music songs. The successful artist released his song The Ballet Girl in 2019. It would not be wrong to say that the song is a piano spectacle. Expressing the story of a ballet dancer in emotional tones, this original creation is among the most popular songs with ballet in the title.

Stephen Flaherty – Quartet at the Ballet

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Everyone can remember the music of the hugely popular Broadway musicals. Stephen Flaherty, one of the creators of this music, has composed and written countless tracks. His song Quartet at the Ballet from the musical Ragtime was released in 1998. It is a high-energy song that expresses the enthusiasm and passion of a ballet dancer. It is one of the most original songs about ballet with its musical style.

little image – BALLET

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The American duo, who produce pop songs by the name of “little image”, released their song BALLET in 2018. This popular song has a unique vibe of its own. This song featuring lyrics about the beauty of a ballet dancer is one of the most emotional songs about ballet. When you listen to “little image”, you will realize that you have not listened to this kind of song before.It is impossible not to remember this original song among songs with a ballet theme.

Maggie Rogers – Blood Ballet

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Maggie Rogers, who produces songs in folk and pop genres, should also be listed among songs about ballet with her song Blood Ballet. The popular song from the album Heard It in a Past Life is a sad song with themes of pain and transformation. Rogers is known for her simplicity and honesty in her lyrics. This is also reflected in the song Blood Ballet.

The Fairies – Fairy Ballet

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The Fairies is a collective that produces children’s music. Australian band Fairy Ballet, released in 2009, is a fun song that encourages children to dance. Being both educational and entertaining, it is a fact that it is an example of songs about ballet for children.

Smino – Ballet (feat. Bari)

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American rapper Smino released his album “blkswn” in 2017. Together with another rapper Bari, they have written verses about ballet dancing. It would be impossible not to list a rap song among songs about ballet.

You have scrolled through the various examples of the songs about ballets. If these amazing songs have brightened your day, here are the songs about ballerinas.

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