Songs About Ballerinas

Ballet is one of the most aesthetic forms of the dance. This long-established dance has been used as a material for works of art. There are songs about ballerinas in a wide variety of musical genres, from classical music to rock and roll. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Belly – Ballerina

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In his 2016 album Another Day in Paradise, the Canadian rapper Belly has dealt with dark emotions. Ballerina is one of the songs where this atmosphere is felt. Ballerina, which expresses themes such as addiction and love in an emotional tone, can be considered a good example of the rap genre among the most popular songs about ballerinas.

Lionel Richie – Ballerina Girl

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American musician Lionel Richie was at the peak of his music career in the 80s and 90s. His 1986 song Ballerina Girl describes the beauty of a ballerina in poetic phrases. This unique song, which can be considered spiritual, is one of the classic songs about ballerinas.

Van Morrison – Ballerina

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Irish musician Van Morrison was producing hit songs in the 60s and 70s. The legendary artist released Ballerina in 1968 and the lyrics describe the dance of a ballerina with Van Morrison’s wonderful writing. It is one of the earliest songs about ballerinas. While listening to this dreamy song, your dose of romance will increase.

Ariel Pink – Black Ballerina

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American musician Ariel Pink mostly composes original lo-fi music. Known for her experimental projects, she released the song Black Ballerina in 2017. The song contains rhetoric about race and freedom. The song has a psychedelic vibe and is beloved on digital platforms. We can say that it stands out as the most original piece among songs about ballerinas.

Jeremy Shada – Ballerina

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Jeremy Shada, who starred in the popular TV series Adventure Time, also has a music career. The successful artist’s single Ballerina, released in 2018, has been very well-loved. Considered as an example of pop and electronic music genres, this song portrays the struggle of a young ballerina who wants to accomplish her own story. With these inspiring lyrics, Ballerina is among the motivational songs about ballerinas.

Mika – Platform Ballerinas

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Mika, who has British and Lebanese roots, released the song Platform Ballerinas in 2019. The popular song has a cheerful atmosphere and high energy. The music video features people wearing platform shoes and is also very popular. Although Mika has released many albums and creative music videos, Platform Ballerinas has been one of the most unforgettable. Platform Ballerinas should definitely be included in songs with ballerina in the title.

Bones & Lyson – Ballerina

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The German rap duo Bones & Lyson released their song Ballerina in 2018. This rap song with romantic verses contains all the elements of hip-hop culture. When you have a look at the lyrics, it is intensely felt that it is about the love of a rap artist for a ballerina. The song, which also has influences from the pop genre, is one of the most uplifting songs about ballerinas. We say you should not miss this German duo. If you enjoyed the reflections of the magical world of ballets in music, here are songs about ballet.

Elton John – Tiny Dancer

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“Tiny Dancer” is a classic song by British singer-songwriter Elton John. Released in 1971 as part of the album “Madman Across the Water,” the song has become one of Elton John’s signature pieces. With lyrics written by Bernie Taupin, “Tiny Dancer” captures the essence of the 1970s and is known for its melodic beauty and evocative storytelling.

The song’s gentle piano melody and Elton John’s emotive vocals contribute to its timeless appeal. “Tiny Dancer” has been celebrated as an iconic anthem in the realm of pop and rock music.

Steven Curtis Chapman – Cinderella

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With its theme, it can be counted as one of the examples of songs about ballerinas. “Cinderella” is a touching song by Christian music artist Steven Curtis Chapman. Released in 2008 as part of the album “This Moment,” the song reflects on the passage of time and the bittersweet experience of watching a daughter grow up. The lyrics depict the journey of a father-daughter relationship from childhood to adulthood, emphasizing the fleeting nature of time.

“Cinderella” is characterized by its heartfelt lyrics, Chapman’s warm vocals, and a melodic arrangement that resonates with parents and families. The song has become a popular choice for father-daughter dances at weddings and special events.

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